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DxDataGridColumn Class

A data column with a text editor.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v21.2.dll


public class DxDataGridColumn :



The Data Grid was moved to maintenance support mode. No new features/capabilities will be added to this component. We recommend that you migrate to the Grid component.

The DxDataGridColumn column displays values that can be modified in a text editor. The DxDataGridColumn class also defines the base API for classes that define other data columns.

Bind a Column to Data

  1. Add the <DxDataGridColumn/> tag to a Data Grid component’s markup.
  2. Use the Field property to assign a data source field to the column.
<DxDataGrid Data="@forecasts" ...>
    <DxDataGridColumn Field="@nameof(WeatherForecast.Forecast)"></DxDataGridColumn>

DataGrid Column Types

Run Demo: Data Grid - Column Types

Watch Video: Data Grid - Column Customization

Column Appearance and Visibility

Use the following properties to customize column appearance and visibility:

Property Description
Caption Specifies the column’s caption.
DisplayTemplate Specifies a template for column cells.
ShowInColumnChooser Specifies if the column is displayed in the Column Chooser.
TextAlignment Specifies the text alignment in the column.
Visible Specifies if the column is visible in the grid.
VisibleIndex Specifies the column’s visible index.
Width Specifies the column’s width.

Settings For Edit Mode

When users click the New or Edit button in a command column, the grid displays the Edit Form. The form contains a text editor that allows users to modify the column’s value. To customize this editor, use the following properties:

Property Description
ClearButtonDisplayMode Specifies if the Clear button is displayed in the non-empty editor.
EditFormVisibleIndex Specifies the editor’s visible index.
EditorVisible Specifies if the editor is visible.
EditTemplate Specifies a template used to display the editor.

Group and Sort Data

Use the following properties to specify group and sort settings for an individual column:

Property Description
AllowGroup Specifies if users can group grid data by this column.
AllowSort Specifies if users can sort data by the column’s values.
GroupIndex Specifies the column’s index among group columns. If the property is set to -1, the grid data is not grouped by this column.
SortIndex Specifies the column’s index among sorted columns. If the property is set to -1, the grid data is not sorted by this column.
SortOrder Specifies the column’s sort order.


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