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MaskCaretMode Enum

Lists caret navigation modes for Date-Time masks.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v21.2.dll


public enum MaskCaretMode


Name Description

After users enter a specific part of a date/time value, they should use the keyboard or mouse to move the caret to another part.


After users enter and completes a specific part of a date/time value, the caret moves to the following part of a date/time value that can be edited.

Related API Members

The following properties accept/return MaskCaretMode values:


Use the CaretMode property to specify the caret navigation mode for a data editor with a Date-Time mask.

Regular Mode

Regular Date-Time Masks

Advancing Caret Mode

To enable this mode, set the CaretMode property to MaskCaretMode.Advancing.

Date-Time Masks with Advanced Caret

<DxDateEdit @bind-Date="Value"
    <DxDateTimeMaskProperties CaretMode="MaskCaretMode.Advancing" />

@code {
    DateTime Value { get; set; } = DateTime.Now;
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