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Free DevExpress Controls for .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)

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The .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) allows you to use a .NET cross-platform UI toolkit and C# to build mobile and desktop native apps. See the following topics on for more information on the platform and installation: .NET Multi-platform App UI Documentation and .NET MAUI Installation.

How to Get DevExpress Controls for .NET MAUI

DevExpress Controls for mobile development (iOS and Android) are available free-of-charge and distributed through the following NuGet package source:

In Visual Studio 2022, follow the steps below to register this package source:

  • Navigate to Debug > Options.

    Visual Studio - Options

  • In the Options window, go to NuGet Package Manager > Package Sources. Register the package source.

    Visual Studio - Package Sources


If you are an active DevExpress Universal customer, DevExpress Controls for .NET MAUI are available in your personal NuGet feed.

How to Create a .NET MAUI Application with DevExpress Controls

In Visual Studio 2022 Preview, create a new .NET MAUI project. If the wizard does not propose a template for .NET MAUI projects, you can call the following command in a CLI to create a new .NET MAUI project:

dotnet new maui

How to Install NuGet Packages

Do the following to install NuGet packages in a .NET MAUI application:

  • In the Solution Explorer window, right-click Dependencies and select Manage NuGet Packages.

    Visual Studio - Package Sources

  • In the NuGet Package Manager window, select the created DevExpress package source, check the Include prerelease option, activate the Browse tab, find the required package, and click Install.

    Visual Studio - Install Package

What’s Included

DevExpress Controls for .NET MAUI include the following packages:

Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported:

Component Android iOS

Data Grid

The DataGridView is a control that displays data in a tabular format and allows users to sort, filter, and group data.

Data Grid

View Example: DevExpress Data Grid for .NET MAUI

Collection View

The DXCollectionView component uses a template to display a collection of data items in a horizontal or vertical list.

Collection View

View Example: DevExpress Collection View for .NET MAUI

Navigation views and pages allow you to implement lateral navigation in your .NET MAUI applications.

Tab View and Tab Page

Use the DevExpress TabView and TabPage to organize content into groups and enable tab navigation between these groups.


View Example: DevExpress Tab View for .NET MAUI
View Example: DevExpress Tab Page for .NET MAUI

Drawer View and Drawer Page

The DevExpress DrawerView and DrawerPage allow you to add a drawer to your application – a UI pane that displays the application’s main navigation menu. The drawer can always be visible or opened and closed when a user taps a navigation menu icon or swipes from the edge of the screen.

.NET MAUI Drawers

View Example: DevExpress Drawer View for .NET MAUI
View Example: DevExpress Drawer Page for .NET MAUI


The PieChartView and ChartView allow you to display your data as bars, points, lines, areas, and other forms. The views support various Pie and Cartesian series types that specify how your data is displayed on a chart.

Pie Chart

View Example: DevExpress Pie Chart for .NET MAUI

Scatter Chart

View Example: DevExpress Scatter Chart for .NET MAUI


Follow the Xamarin & .NET MAUI Team blog for the latest updates on how we port the existing suite of Xamarin.Forms UI controls to the .NET MAUI platform. The following blog posts on .NET MAUI are now available: