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Choose Between Offline and Online DevExpress NuGet Feeds

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You can install all DevExpress .NET products and libraries (both trial and licensed packages) using NuGet. You can use the following NuGet feeds:

Use the comparison table below to choose the DevExpress NuGet Feed that is right for you:

Offline/Local NuGet Feed Online/Remote NuGet Feed
OS Windows (using the Unified Component Installer) Windows, Mac OS, Linux (the installer is not required)
IDE Microsoft Visual Studio, VS Code, Rider Microsoft Visual Studio, VS Code, Rider
CLI .NET, NuGet, PowerShell, etc. .NET, NuGet, PowerShell, etc.
Manual Configuration No (the installer automatically configures the NuGet feed) Yes
CI/CD No (Yes if you run the installation on the build server) Yes

Pre-Configured Offline/Local NuGet Feed from the Installer (Windows Only)

The DevExpress Unified Component Installer creates a local NuGet feed with DevExpress .NET Framework and .NET assemblies, and registers this feed in your Visual Studio 2019/2022 IDE as a package source. This is the easiest method to install DevExpress products (it does not require manual configuration).

A local NuGet Feed is suitable for those who use Visual Studio or other IDE for Windows and can use the Unified Component Installer.

If you cannot use our Unified Component Installer or your IDE is not Visual Studio for Windows, then use the online NuGet feed.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Download the Unified Component Installer and install the registered or trial version of DevExpress products. The installation copies all NuGet packages to the C:\Program Files\DevExpress 23.2\Components\System\Components\Packages directory and configures a local NuGet feed for each installed Visual Studio version.

    Visual Studio - NuGet Local Feed Setup

    In Trial mode, a local DevExpress package source contains packages for all DevExpress .NET products and libraries.

    Default feed registration paths (Windows):

    • %appdata%\NuGet\NuGet.Config
    • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\NuGet\Config

    The Unified Component Installer places .nupkg files in the following folder:

    • C:\Program Files\DevExpress 23.2\Components\System\Components\packages

    In the C:\Program Files\DevExpress 23.2\Components\Offline Packages folder, you can see which dlls for which target frameworks the package includes.

  2. To locate, install, uninstall, and update DevExpress packages in projects and solutions from the offline/local NuGet package source, use one of the following options:


    This step is optional and is required if you are adding, removing, or updating DevExpress NuGet packages manually. If you use DevExpress Project Wizards to create solutions, this step is not required (new projects will already contain necessary references to DevExpress NuGet packages).


Hotfix installations also create a local NuGet feed. Use this feed to test bug fixes in your CI/CD system: DevExpress NuGet Packages and Popular Continuous Integration Systems.

You can also obtain hotfixes from the DevExpress NuGet Feed: Install Hot Fixes via NuGet.

Online/Remote NuGet Feed from the DevExpress Server (No Installer)

We recommend to use this method in the following cases:

  • It is not possible to use the Unified Component Installer.
  • You do not use Visual Studio for Windows.
  • You use NuGet for CI/CD purposes, which does not require the installer or IDE.

Follow the steps below to obtain your personal DevExpress NuGet credentials (feed URL or authorization key). Use these credentials to access and install DevExpress NuGet packages.

  1. Navigate to and log into your DevExpress account.
  2. Copy the NuGet Feed URL or feed authorization key to access DevExpress packages using the NuGet v3 protocol (recommended). The feed URL includes your personal feed authorization key (between “.com/“ and “/api”). Use this key as a password if you attempt to access DevExpress NuGet packages and need to enter your credentials.

    DevExpress NuGet Page - Personal URL Section

    To access DevExpress packages using the deprecated NuGet v2 protocol, use the following URL format:{your-feed-authorization-key}/api/


    If your feed URL or authorization key was compromised, submit a new ticket to the DevExpress Support Center and request a new key.

  3. Register the online NuGet feed in your development environment and install DevExpress packages. Read the corresponding topic for additional information:


DevExpress NuGet packages do not include demo applications. You can explore our online demos or use the Unified Component Installer to install DevExpress products and demo apps.

Start a 30-Day Trial Period

You can use your personal DevExpress NuGet Feed to download non-licensed packages. Any packages you obtain will be available to you as evaluation versions.

Your 30-day trial period starts when you first download a non-licensed package. Our website automatically sends you an email to confirm the start of your evaluation period.

When the 30-day evaluation period ends, you lose access to non-licensed packages. To restore access, you can purchase a license or request a trial extension through the DevExpress Support Center.

Download: Free 30-Day Trial - Unified Component Installer

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