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WPF Theme Editor (Legacy)


The WPF Theme Editor does not support the DevExpress WPF Controls 18.2 or later. Use the WPF Theme Designer tool instead.

The Theme Editor is a standalone tool that allows you to modify built-in DevExpress WPF Application Themes and create new themes based on existing ones. This tool aims to decrease development time when editing third party themes - by locating specific visual elements and appearance settings in markup.


Click here to download the Theme Editor tool. In versions prior to v13.1 use this installation - Old Theme Editor.

Explore the following links for more information on the WPF Theme Editor.

  • Main Features

    Outlines essential capabilities provided by the Theme Editor.

  • Getting Started

    Shows how to create, edit, save and apply a theme to your application.

  • Concepts

    Explains how to work with the Theme Editor in a task-based manner.

  • UI Elements

    Describes the appearance and functionality of various user interface elements.