DxChartStackedAreaSeries<T, TArgument, TValue> Class

Defines a stacked area series.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v20.2.dll


public class DxChartStackedAreaSeries<T, TArgument, TValue> :
    DxChartSeries<T, TArgument, TValue, ChartStackedAreaSeriesModel<T, TArgument, TValue>>

Type Parameters

Name Description

The type of data.


The type of series arguments.


The type of series values.


The stacked area series displays data as a polyline that connects the series values. The area between the polyline and the argument axis (or a lower series) is shaded with a color. Different series do not overlap because their values are stacked.

Use the chart's Data property to specify an IEnumerable<T> data source, and the ArgumentField and ValueField properties to specify data source fields that contain arguments and values for chart points. For a sample data source, refer to our GitHub repository.

<DxChart Data="@SalesData">
    <DxChartStackedAreaSeries Name="2017" Filter="@((SaleInfo s) => s.Date.Year == 2017)"
                              ArgumentField="@(s => s.City)" ValueField="@(s => s.Amount)"
                              AggregationMethod="Enumerable.Sum" />
    <DxChartStackedAreaSeries Name="2018" Filter="@((SaleInfo s) => s.Date.Year == 2018)"
                              ArgumentField="@(s => s.City)" ValueField="@(s => s.Amount)"
                              AggregationMethod="Enumerable.Sum" />
    <DxChartStackedAreaSeries Name="2019" Filter="@((SaleInfo s) => s.Date.Year == 2019)"
                              ArgumentField="@(s => s.City)" ValueField="@(s => s.Amount)"
                              AggregationMethod="Enumerable.Sum" />
    <DxChartLegend Position="RelativePosition.Outside" HorizontalAlignment="HorizontalAlignment.Right" />

@code {
    IEnumerable<SaleInfo> SalesData;

    protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync() {
        SalesData = await Sales.GetSalesAsync();

Chart Stacked Area Series

Run Demo: Charts - Series Types


DxComplexSettingsComponent<DxChartSeries, DevExpress.Blazor.Internal.ChartSeriesModel>
DxChartSeries<T, TArgument, TValue, TValue, DevExpress.Blazor.Internal.ChartStackedAreaSeriesModel<T, TArgument, TValue>>
DxChartSeries<T, TArgument, TValue, DevExpress.Blazor.Internal.ChartStackedAreaSeriesModel<T, TArgument, TValue>>
DxChartStackedAreaSeries<T, TArgument, TValue>
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