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“We first started using DevExpress WinForms over 15 years ago at Windward. With their controls we were able to build beautiful windows that had every bit of functionality we needed. The controls were a dream to work with and the documentation is damn good. In addition, the tech support they provide is the equal of what we provided at Windward and far superior to the tech support we received from any other vendor. Highly recommended, without reservation.”

– David Thielen, founder/(ex)CEO Windward Studios

David Thielen

We Are Your Extended Team

Our customers lie at the heart of our business and we are fully committed to providing the very best software development tools, unmatched customer service and expert technical support so you can build the next great app in the shortest possible time. We look forward to working with you and will do whatever we can to make your experience with us a profitable one.

With an active (non-expired) DevExpress product subscription, you are entitled to receive technical support from a member of our support team. For more information on our support policy, please refer to your end-user license agreement or write to

Our Promise to Active DevExpress Subscribers

Our goal is to offer you and your team world class service. We want to help you overcome technical obstacles and deliver the best possible software solutions to your end-users when using DevExpress technologies.

  • We will respond to technical support inquiries in a timely, professional and conscientious manner.
  • Our tech support team is available Monday to Friday and strives to respond to all incoming support traffic within one to two business days. Please remember that for an effective response, we often require reproducible code/sample projects. Feel free to include a sample project that reproduces your issue with your support ticket.
  • We will strive to give you clear and concise answers.
  • We will offer you code samples whenever possible.
  • We will share our programming experience and technical knowledge whenever appropriate.


To improve response time and make certain that your questions are answered accurately, please include the following information with every support ticket:

  • Describe your ultimate objective, document usage context, and include step-by-step instructions.
  • Attach a small sample project, include code snippets/pictures/error stack traces, and log (if applicable).

Limitations on DevExpress Support Services

Though we’d love to help everyone and answer every single question submitted to us, our services are limited and always restricted to active subscribers of DevExpress products and technologies.

  • We do not offer phone or live chat support services. Should you encounter an issue while using DevExpress products, please submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center. If we’ve failed to meet your support expectations, please write to We will be happy to follow-up.
  • We do not offer support services to those with expired products/subscriptions. If you wish to receive support services from DevExpress, please renew your software license. For more information on license status, please contact
  • We reserve the right to limit access to DevExpress support services whenever support services are misused. Should you have questions on support limits and what constitutes misuse, please write to
  • We cannot write entire programs or develop custom solutions on your behalf.
  • We cannot review entire software projects. If you encounter an issue with a DevExpress product, you must submit a reproducible sample project or include step-by-step instructions. Without specificity, we will be unable to diagnose the issue and/or offer a timely response.
  • We cannot teach basic programming skills and describe standard software practices.
  • We cannot respond to support tickets that use abusive language.

Sales Questions

If you have not found required information in DevExpress Product Licensing, use the following options to contact our Sales Department with questions related to licensing and any other non-technical issues.


    Write here to ask questions regarding your purchase or any other basic questions about DevExpress products. This service is also available by phone:

    Tel: + 1 (818) 844 3383

    Fax: + 1 (818) 844 3389


    Contact us at this address to ask about product pricing, pending orders, billing inquiries or any other corporate communications. This service is also available by phone:

    Tel: + 1 (818) 844 3383

    Fax: + 1 (818) 844 3389

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DevExpress Support Service policies outlined herein and on this website are subject to change without notice.