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DxSchedulerDataStorage Class

A storage that holds data for the Scheduler control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v21.2.dll


public class DxSchedulerDataStorage

The following members accept/return DxSchedulerDataStorage objects:


The DxSchedulerDataStorage object is an essential element required for the DxScheduler component operation. It contains source data for the following Scheduler persistent objects:

  • appointments
  • labels
  • status items
  • resources

The DxSchedulerDataStorage defines property mappings that map data fields to persistent object properties.

The DxSchedulerDataStorage includes API to retrieve persistent objects and manage them.

The <DxScheduler> component is bound to the DxSchedulerDataStorage instance with the DxScheduler.DataStorage property.

Create Data Storage and Specify Mappings

Follow the steps below:


The DxSchedulerDataStorage object contains built-in label and status collection. The scheduler uses built-in collections when label and status sources and mappings are not specified.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to create the DxSchedulerDataStorage object, specify mappings, and assign the storage to the <DxScheduler> component:

<DxScheduler StartDate="@DateTime.Today" DataStorage="@DataStorage">
    <DxSchedulerWeekView ShowWorkTimeOnly="true"></DxSchedulerWeekView>

@code {
    DxSchedulerDataStorage DataStorage = new DxSchedulerDataStorage() {
        AppointmentsSource = AppointmentCollection.GetAppointments(),
        AppointmentMappings = new DxSchedulerAppointmentMappings() {
            Type = "AppointmentType",
            Start = "StartDate",
            End = "EndDate",
            Subject = "Caption",
            AllDay = "AllDay",
            Location = "Location",
            Description = "Description",
            LabelId = "Label",
            StatusId = "Status",
            RecurrenceInfo = "Recurrence"

Retrieve Persistent Objects

The DxSchedulerDataStorage object includes methods to retrieve all kinds of persistent objects from the storage. The methods are listed in the table below.

Method Description
GetAppointmentItemById Returns an appointment with the specified identifier from the storage.
GetAppointments Returns appointments within the specified date-time range.
GetExceptions Returns all exceptions to the specified pattern.
GetOccurrenceOrException Returns an occurrence or exception with the specified recurrence index from the recurring series specified by its pattern.
GetOccurrencesAndExceptions Retrieves the collection of occurrences and exceptions that belong to the specified time interval.
GetPattern Returns a pattern of the specified occurrence or exception.
GetLabelItemById Returns a label with the specified identifier from the storage.
GetResourceItemById Returns a resource item with the specified identifier from the Scheduler’s data storage.
GetStatusItemById Returns a status with the specified identifier from the storage.

Manage Persistent Objects

The DxSchedulerDataStorage object includes methods that create a persistent object. In contrast with a simple object constructor, these methods create two objects - a persistent object along with a related source object - and establish mapping between them.

Method Description
CreateAppointmentItem Creates a new appointment item.
CreateLabelItem Creates a new label item.
CreateResourceItem Creates a new resource item.
CreateStatusItem Creates a new label item.


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