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Welcome to the topics on DevExpress ASP.NET Core Controls. This page provides an overview of all help resources for this product line.

We recommend that new users first review our online demos and try the included controls.

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Included Controls

Included Controls and Libraries

DevExpress controls for ASP.NET Core are divided into three groups. Each group is designed and developed by a separate team. We made sure that all included controls are visually consistent, support Razor syntax, and work with common data binding methods.

See the list below for information on the types of DevExpress ASP.NET Core controls included in each group.

DevExtreme-Based ASP.NET Core Controls

Architecture: Client-side JavaScript widgets adapted for use in ASP.NET Core applications.

Included Controls: All controls from the DevExtreme product line – Data Grid, Chart, Pivot Grid, Scheduler, and other smaller controls.

The DevExtreme product line includes tested client-side widgets, all available with wrappers for different platforms, such as Angular, React, and Vue. We added ASP.NET Core platform support and ensured we do not compromise on performance and ease of use (consistent with native ASP.NET Core Controls).

For more information about DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core Controls, see the following help topic: Configure a Visual Studio Project.

Office-Inspired ASP.NET Core Controls

We used the code from our .NET controls to create new components for the ASP.NET Core platform and to extend the suite with two powerful controls that are not available in the DevExtreme product line.

RichEdit Control

Architecture: A client control that you can use in various client and server frameworks.

The control allows you to create, open, modify, print, save, and convert rich-formatted text files.

For more information about the RichEdit control, see the following help topic: Rich Text Editor.

Spreadsheet Control

Architecture: .NET server control adapted for use in ASP.NET Core applications.

This control implements spreadsheet functionality such as formula editing and data visualization (charts).

For more information about the Spreadsheet Control, refer to the following help topic: Spreadsheet.

ASP.NET Core Reporting Controls

Architecture: Client-server controls that use DevExtreme widgets on the client side and the cross-platform DevExpress Reporting engine on the server side.

Included Controls: Report Designer and Document Viewer.

ASP.NET Core Reporting controls are developed as part of the DevExpress Reporting cross-platform product line. Refer to the following help topic section for instructions on how to build reports and use the Report Designer and Document Viewer controls: Reporting. For information on how to customize individual UI elements, see the following topic: DevExtreme Responsive Web Development.

For more details on ASP.NET Core Reporting controls, refer to the following help topic: ASP.NET Core Reporting.

ASP.NET Core Query Builder Control

Architecture: An HTML5/JS based client control adapted for use in ASP.NET Core applications. The control was developed as part of the DevExpress Web Reporting product line.

The ASP.NET Core Query Builder control allows the user to create a query that selects and retrieves data from a SQL data source, edit the query and pass it to the server.

For more information about the Query Builder Control, refer to the following help topic: Query Builder.

What's New

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