Office File API

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Office File API allows you to process rich text documents, spreadsheets and PDF files, draw barcodes, compress data and convert different units without any UI components, such as Rich Edit Control or Spreadsheet, involved. You can use it to develop desktop, web, and console applications that run on different platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The library supports .NET Framework 4.5.2+ and .NET Standard 2.0+ / .NET Core 2.1+. The following topics contain information about necessary libraries and NuGet packages: Redistribution and Deployment (.NET Framework) and Install NuGet Packages (.NET Core).

To explore the Office File API functionality, review the demo applications available to you with the product.

Included Components

Spreadsheet Document API


The Spreadsheet Document API allows you to create and modify spreadsheets in code. The library supports the same features as DevExpress Spreadsheet UI controls, so you can edit and analyze data, use formulas, specify print settings, and protect documents. You can open and save workbooks using a variety of file formats.

Word Processing Document API


Word Processing Document API allows you to use all the word processing features in code. The powerful API can automate such common tasks as format conversion, character and paragraph formatting, table operations, page layout adjustment and mail merge.

PDF Document API


PDF Document API allows you to merge, split, edit, create, password protect, and digitally sign PDF files in code.

Excel Export Library

Excel Export API is a write-only spreadsheet library that allows you to export data to XLSX, XLS, and CSV spreadsheets with minimal memory footprint.

Unit Conversion API

Unit Conversion API allows you to easily convert values between different measurement units (weight, distance, power, and so on).

Zip Compression and Archive API

The Zip Compression and Archive API is a component with a zip archiver functionality. Generate new archives, edit existing zip files, filter files before compression, and set a password for the whole archive or for each file individually.

Barcode Generation API

The Barcode Generation API allows you to generate different types of barcodes used in applications or documents. Each barcode type provides its own options (orientation, color, quantity, etc.).

Snap Report API

This library provides the complete reporting engine functionality combined with the basic Word Processing Document API features. You can generate a tabular or mail merge report, edit it, add visual data (sparklines, bar codes or charts) and export the resulting document to any popular format (DOC, HTML, RTF, etc.).

This product does not support .NET Standard 2.0+ / .NET Core 2.1+.

.NET Core Limitations

The following features are not available in Office File API for .NET Core:

  • Print documents, workbooks, and PDF files (Linux and macOS).

  • Export PDF content as an image (Linux and macOS).