DxSchedulerCustomFormLayoutItem Class

The layout item with custom content for the appointment edit form.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v20.2.dll


public class DxSchedulerCustomFormLayoutItem :


You can use the following properties to create a custom appointment edit form:

  • AppointmentFormLayout - the layout of the pop-up form that appears when you create an appointment and click the expand button, or when you edit an appointment.
  • AppointmentCompactFormLayout - the layout of the compact form that appears when you create an appointment.

Construct the form based on layout items in the same way as when you use the DxFormLayout component. The Scheduler ships with a set of predefined layout items that correspond to items of the default edit form.

If predefined items do not suit your requirements, you can use a custom layout item. Add the DxSchedulerCustomFormLayoutItem to the form layout and use the Template property to define item content.

For example, you can use a custom item to display an editor for a custom appointment property. To pass information about custom properties to the edit form, implement a descendant from the SchedulerAppointmentFormInfo class and assign it in the AppointmentFormShowing event handler.

For more information, refer to the following help topic: Custom Appointment Form.

<DxScheduler StartDate="@DateTime.Today"
    <AppointmentFormLayout Context="formInfo">
        <DxSchedulerCustomFormLayoutItem ColSpanMd="12">
                <div style="margin-left: auto; margin-top: 14px;">
                    <DxCheckBox @bind-Checked="@(((CustomAppointmentFormInfo)formInfo).IsAccepted)" 


@code {
    public class CustomAppointmentFormInfo : SchedulerAppointmentFormInfo {
        public CustomAppointmentFormInfo(DxSchedulerAppointmentItem AppointmentItem, 
                DxSchedulerDataStorage DataStorage) : base(AppointmentItem, DataStorage) { }

        public bool IsAccepted {
            get { return (bool)CustomFields["IsAccepted"]; }
            set { CustomFields["IsAccepted"] = value; }

    void OnAppointmentFormShowing(SchedulerAppointmentFormEventArgs args) {
        args.FormInfo = new CustomAppointmentFormInfo(args.Appointment, DataStorage);
    // ...

Run Demo: Scheduler - Custom Fields and Appointment Form


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