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This document describes the system requirements needed to install and use DevExpress Blazor components on a development machine.

.NET Framework

DevExpress Blazor components support the following .NET Framework versions:

DevExpress Version .NET 5.0 .NET 6.0 .NET 7.0 NET 8.0
v23.2 (current) no yes[1] yes yes[2]
v22.2 - v23.1 no yes[1] yes no
v22.1 no yes[1] no no
v21.2 yes yes[1] no no
v21.1 yes no no no
v20.2 yes no no no


DevExpress Blazor components support the following Visual Studio versions:

DevExpress Version Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4+ Visual Studio 2022
v22.1 - v23.2 (current) no yes
v21.2 yes yes
v20.1 - v21.1 yes no


DevExpress Blazor components support the following Bootstrap versions:

DevExpress Version Bootstrap v4 Bootstrap v5
v21.1 - v23.2 (current) yes yes
v20.1 - v20.2 yes no
  1. DevExpress Blazor components do not support the following features in .NET 6 applications:
    Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation
    Link trim mode

  2. DevExpress Blazor components are designed for interactive use. To see the list of DevExpress components that now support Static Server render mode in .NET 8, refer to the following article:
    Support Server-Side Rendering (SSR) in .NET 8 Applications