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VCL Controls

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The topics below contain comprehensive information on how to use DevExpress VCL controls. This information includes a detailed description of the product APIs, step-by-step tutorials, product screenshots, and code examples (Delphi and C++Builder).

Try DevExpress VCL Controls in Your Project

Visit for information on the features and pricing options available for different DevExpress VCL control packages: VCL Components for Delphi and C++Builder. To try DevExpress controls and libraries in your products, download our fully-functional 30-day trial version.

Download: Free 30-Day Trial

Controls and Libraries

The DevExpress VCL Suite includes the following libraries and controls:

Data Grid
Displays data as a table and in a variety of other formats. The control’s built-in capabilities allow users to search, filter, group, sort, edit data, as well as calculate aggregates, highlight important records, and so much more.
ExpressEditors Library
Includes data editors, advanced versions of standard controls, as well as shell and non-visual components that help you enhance an application’s UI.
Ribbon, Toolbars, and Menus
The ExpressBars Library allows you to build command bars and user interfaces inspired by Microsoft Office®: Ribbon UI, Toolbars and Menus, Tabbed MDI interfaces, and so on.
Chart Control
Allows you to visualize data as bar, area, line, pie, and doughnut series with multiple chart appearance customization options.
Shared Libraries
The DevExpress VCL Library includes the functionality common to other products, as well as tools and utility components.
Rich Edit Components
The Rich Edit UI control and the Document Server component allow you to generate and edit rich text documents in different formats.
Skin Library
Includes multiple built-in skins that allow you to change the appearance of an application created with DevExpress VCL controls.
Allows users to create, browse, and edit one-time or recurring appointments. The Scheduler control ships with multiple appointment storage components, including a Web Service Storage component.
Spreadsheet Controls
Allow you to create an application with a user experience inspired by Microsoft Excel®.
Tree List
A hybrid control that allows you to display data as a tree, a grid, or a combination of both.
PDF Viewer
Allows you to view, sign, and encrypt Portable Document Format (PDF) files in your application.
ExpressPrinting System
Allows you to print out or export content of a DevExpress control or TWinControl descendant.
Layout Control
Helps you build and manage data entry forms of any complexity. Use the Layout Control to ensure that controls on your forms remain properly aligned and proportionally resized regardless of user actions.
Navigation Bars
These controls are designed to create navigation panels and toolboxes for your applications.
Pivot Grid
Emulates Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Table UI. It helps you display a variety of summarized views based on raw data. Users can change the view layout and shape data at runtime.
Vertical Grid
Rotates the common tabular data layout by 90 degrees. It displays data field headers on the left-hand side. Users can scroll through records horizontally.
Dock Controls
VCL Dock Controls are shipped as a part of the ExpressBars Library. You can drag and drop these controls to create docking interfaces similar to those found in the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Delphi IDE, and so on.
Memory Data
A memory-based dataset designed as a temporary storage for data-aware VCL controls.
Data Controllers
A VCL data controller is an intermediate layer between a control that displays data and its underlying data source. DevExpress container controls (Tree List, Vertical Grid, Pivot Grid, or a View in the Data Grid) and certain data-aware editors rely on data controllers to access and shape data. Dedicated data controllers implement all available data access modes for supported products.
Spell Checker
Allows users to find spelling mistakes in text. You can integrate the spell checker into DevExpress VCL controls that support text editing.
Map Control
Allows you to embed multi-layered maps into an application, add image and text overlays, and pinpoint specific locations.
Gantt Control
A project management tool that allows users to schedule activities related to project goals.
Gauge Control
Allows you to create user interfaces that imitate dashboards, dials, clocks, thermometers, and LED screens.
Tile Controls
Tile and Tile Bar controls allow you to create touch-friendly user interfaces inspired by Microsoft Windows® 8.
Flow Chart Control
A charting tool with multiple built-in shapes that allow you to create charts and diagrams. This control combines a diagram viewer with a fully-functional diagram designer.
OrgCharts Controls
Allow users to arrange data in a hierarchy of editable tree nodes.
Wizard Control
Allows you to create installers and configuration wizards.

What’s New

Refer to the following page to review new features and major changes in recent versions of DevExpress components: Version History. Check VCL on the Filters tab to display the VCL version history.

Offline VCL Documentation

Developer documentation for VCL products is also available as downloadable help files in CHM format:

Product Pack Download
VCL Subscription CHM
ExpressGridPack CHM
ExpressQuantumPack CHM
ExpressNavigationPack CHM

If you see “The address is not valid” error instead of documentation when you download and open a CHM file, you may need to unblock this CHM file. To do this, right-click the CHM file, then click Properties and click Unblock.

Unblock CHM