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WinForms Controls

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The topics below contain comprehensive information on how to use DevExpress WinForms controls. This information includes a detailed description of the product API, step-by-step tutorials, product screenshots, and real-world application source code (C# and Visual Basic).

Try DevExpress WinForms UI Controls In Your Project

Visit to learn more about this product’s features, capabilities, and pricing options: WinForms Subscription. To try DevExpress controls and libraries in your projects, download our fully-functional 30-day trial version.

Download: Free 30-Day Trial

Getting Started

Controls and Libraries

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription includes the following Windows Forms libraries and controls:

Grids and Editors

Data Visualization


Reporting & Analytics

App Navigation & Layout

Advanced Features and Technologies


You can run DevExpress WinForms Demos from the Windows Start menu or DevExpress menu in Visual Studio.


Read the following topic for detailed information: DevExpress WinForms Demo Apps.

Run Demo: Office Inspired Demo Run Demo: WinForms Data Grid


Explore our Support Center with lots of examples of how to use and customize DevExpress WinForms UI controls.

WinForms Examples

Cheat Sheets, Best Practices, Troubleshooting

DevExpress WinForms UI controls share the same techniques: data binding, in-place editors, tooltips, context menus, appearance customization, and other features. Read the following quick-reference guide for detailed information:

DevExpress WinForms Cheat Sheets, Best Practices, and Troubleshooting

What’s New

See the following pages to review new features and major changes in recent versions of DevExpress .NET components: