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BindValueMode Enum

Lists values that specify how to update the editor value when it is bound to a property/field.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v22.1.dll


public enum BindValueMode


Name Description

The editor value is updated after the editor loses focus.


The editor value is updated when the input value changes.

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You can use the @bind attribute to bind the editor value to a field. When the editor is rendered, its input value comes from the bound field.

The actual editor value is updated after a user changes the input value and removes focus (OnLostFocus mode).

Text Box BindValueMode OnLostFocus

Set the editor’s BindValueMode property to OnInput to update the actual editor value when the user changes the input value.

<DxTextBox @bind-Text="@TextValue" BindValueMode="BindValueMode.OnInput" />

@code {
    string TextValue { get; set; } = "Test";

Text Box BindValueMode OnInput

Run Demo: Text Box - Bind Value On Input Change

Run Demo: Spin Edit - Bind Value On Input Change

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