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DxChart<T> Properties

A control that visualizes bound data as graphs: bar, area, line, and others.
Name Description
AdjustOnZoom Specifies whether to adjust the visual range of the value axis when users zoom or pan the argument axis.
AutoHidePointMarkers Specifies whether DxChart<T> automatically hides series point markers to reduce visual clutter.
BarGroupPadding Specifies bar group left and right padding values as a percentage.
BarGroupWidth Specifies the width of bar groups in pixels.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
Data Specifies a data source.
DefaultPane Specifies the pane that displays all axes and series with unspecified Pane property.
Height Specifies the chart component’s absolute or relative height. Inherited from DxChartBase.
Id Specifies the component’s unique identifier. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
LabelOverlap Specifies how overlapping points are displayed.
MaxBubbleSize Specifies the diameter of the biggest bubble in bubble series.
MinBubbleSize Specifies the diameter of the smallest bubble in bubble series.
NegativesAsZeroes Specifies whether the chart treats negative values as zeroes.
Palette Specifies the color scheme to colorize chart series. Inherited from DxChartBase.
PaletteExtensionMode Specifies how to extend the chart palette when the number of colors is less than the number of series (for DxChart) or series points (for DxPieChart). Inherited from DxChartBase.
PointSelectionMode Specifies whether a user can select series points.
RedrawOnResize Specifies whether to redraw the chart when its container size changes. Inherited from DxChartBase.
ResizePanesOnZoom Specifies whether to resize chart panes when a user zooms or pans the chart.
Rotated Specifies whether the chart is rotated.
SeriesSelectionMode Specifies whether a user can select series.
StickyHovering Specifies whether the control highlights points even if the mouse pointer doesn’t point directly to them.
SynchronizeAxes Indicates whether to synchronize value axes when they are displayed on a single pane.
Width Specifies the chart component’s absolute or relative width. Inherited from DxChartBase.
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