DxListBox<TData, TValue> Properties

A List Box component.
Name Description
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
CustomData Specifies an asynchronous function that loads List Box data based on the specified load options.
Data Specifies a strongly typed collection that supplies List Box data.
DataAsync Specifies an asynchronous function that returns List Box data.
Enabled Specifies whether an editor is enabled. Inherited from DxDataEditorBase<T, JSProxyType>.
Id For internal use only. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
ListRenderMode Enables or disables virtual list rendering mode.
ReadOnly Specifies whether the read-only mode is active.
SelectionMode Specifies how many List Box items can be selected at once.
ShowCheckboxes Specifies whether to display node checkboxes.
SizeMode Specifies an editor size. Inherited from DxResizableEditorBase<T, JSProxyType>.
TextFieldName Specifies the data source field that provides text for List Box items.
ValueFieldName Specifies the data source field that populates values for the List Box’s items.
Values Provides access to the List Box’s selected value/item collection.
ValuesExpression Specifies a lambda expression that identifies the Values property’s bound values when the List Box is placed in the EditForm.
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