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DxChartValueAxis Members

Contains settings for the value axis.


Name Description
DxChartValueAxis() Initializes a new instance of the class.


Name Description
Alignment Specifies the pane edge next to which to place an axis. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
AllowDecimals Specifies whether to allow decimal values on the axis.
AutoBreaksEnabled Specifies whether to enable auto-calculated scale breaks.
CustomPosition Specifies the position of an axis on another axis. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
DiscreteDivisionMode Specifies whether ticks and grid lines lie between or next to axis labels. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
DivisionFactor Specifies the minimum distance between two neighboring major ticks. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
EndOnTick Specifies whether an axis should start and end on ticks. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
Indent Gets or sets the horizontal indent between the axis and the neighboring value axis in pixels.
Inverted Specifies whether an axis is inverted. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
LogarithmBase Specifies the value to be raised to a power when the chart generates ticks for an axis of the Logarithmic type. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
MaxAutoBreakCount Specifies the maximum number of auto-created scale breaks.
MinorTickCount Specifies the number of minor ticks between two neighboring major ticks. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
MinorTickInterval Specifies the interval between minor ticks. Applies only to continuous axes. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
Name Specifies the name of the value axis.
Offset Specifies the shift of an axis. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
Pane The name of the pane in the chart.
Position Obsolete. Specifies the axis position.
SideMarginsEnabled Specifies whether the component should add margins between the outermost series points and the chart boundaries. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
SynchronizedValue Gets or sets a value at which the value axis is synchronized with other axes.
TickInterval Specifies the interval between major ticks. Does not apply to discrete axes. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
Type Specifies an axis type. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
ValueType Specifies whether and how to cast values that come from the assigned data source.
Visible Specifies axis visibility. Inherited from DxChartAxis<TModel>.
ZeroAlwaysVisible Specifies whether the value axis should always display zero.


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