DxToolbarItem Properties

Defines an item of the Toolbar component.
Name Description
AdaptivePriority Specifies the order in which items are hidden when the browser window is resized. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
AdaptiveText Specifies the item's text that is displayed when the item is hidden in the adaptive drop-down menu.
Alignment Specifies the item's position. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
BeginGroup Specifies whether the item is the start of a new item group. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
Checked Specifies whether the processed item is checked.
CssClass Specifies the name of the item's CSS class. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
DropDownCaption Specifies the caption for the modal list with child items.
DropDownDisplayMode Specifies how the toolbar's drop-down item displays a menu. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
DropDownVisible Specifies the state of an item's drop-down window (visible/hidden).
Enabled Specifies whether the item is enabled. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
GroupName Specifies the name of a logical group the Toolbar item belongs to.
IconCssClass Returns a Toolbar item icon's CSS class.
Items Specifies a collection of the current item's child items.
Name Specifies the current item's unique identifier. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
NavigateUrl Specifies the navigation location for the Toolbar item.
RenderStyle Specifies the item's predefined style.
RenderStyleMode Specifies the item's color fill modes.
SplitDropDownButton Specifies whether an item's drop-down button is split into two buttons.
Template Specifies the template to display an item's content.
Text Specifies the processed toolbar item's text.
Tooltip Specifies an item's tooltip text. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
Visible Specifies whether an item is visible or hidden. Inherited from DxToolbarItemBase.
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