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DxGridDataColumn Properties

A DxGrid‘s data column.
Name Description
AllowGroup Specifies whether users can group data by this column.
AllowReorder Specifies whether users can change this column’s position. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
AllowSort Specifies whether users can sort data by the current column.
Caption Specifies the column’s caption. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
CaptionAlignment Specifies the alignment of the column’s Caption. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
CellDisplayTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column’s cells.
CellEditTemplate Allows you to replace an automatically generated editor with custom content in the column’s edit cell.
DataRowEditorVisible Specifies whether to render the editor associated with this column in the column edit cell, edit form, or pop-up edit form.
DisplayFormat Specifies the format of column values and summary values calculated for this column.
EditSettings Allows you to customize the editor associated with this column.
ExportEnabled Specifies whether the grid can export the current column.
ExportWidth Specifies the column’s export width.
FieldName Specifies a data field that supplies column values.
FilterMenuButtonDisplayMode Specifies when the column displays the filter menu button.
FilterMenuTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column’s filter menu.
FilterMode Specifies whether grid data is filtered by value or display text.
FilterRowCellTemplate Allows you to replace default content with custom in the column’s filter row cell.
FilterRowEditorVisible Specifies whether the column’s filter row cell displays the automatically generated editor.
FilterRowOperatorType Specifies the initial operator type used to create a filter condition based on the filter row value.
FilterRowValue Specifies the initial value in the column’s filter row editor.
FixedPosition Allows you to anchor the column to the Grid’s left or right edge. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
FooterTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column’s footer cell. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
GroupFooterTemplate Specifies a template for the column’s group footer cell. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
GroupIndex Specifies the column’s index among grouped columns.
GroupInterval Specifies how to group data rows.
GroupRowTemplate Specifies a template used to display group rows when the Grid is grouped by this column.
HeaderCaptionTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column header’s caption. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
MinWidth Specifies a column’s minimum width in pixels. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
Name Specifies the column’s unique identifier. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
ReadOnly Specifies whether a user can change the column editor value when the Grid is in edit mode.
SearchEnabled Specifies whether the Grid can search text in cells of the current column.
ShowInColumnChooser Specifies whether a hidden column should be listed in the column chooser. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
SortIndex Specifies the column’s index among sorted columns. If the property is set to -1, the grid data is not sorted by this column.
SortMode Specifies how the Grid sorts column data (by values, by display text, or custom logic is used).
SortOrder Specifies the column’s sort order (ascending or descending).
TextAlignment Specifies the alignment of text in column cells. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
UnboundExpression Specifies an expression to evaluate values for the unbound column.
UnboundType Indicates that the column is unbound and specifies its data type.
Visible Specifies whether the grid column is visible. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
VisibleIndex Specifies a column’s position among other columns. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
Width Specifies the column’s width in pixels or percent. Inherited from DxGridColumn.
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