DxUpload.AllowCancel Property

Specifies whether users can cancel file upload.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v21.1.dll


public bool AllowCancel { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

true to allow users to cancel file upload; otherwise, false.


When file upload is in the progress, users can click the cancel button to interrupt file upload. Handle the FileUploadAborted event to respond to this action. If multiple files are uploaded at once, users can click the common cancel button to cancel upload of all the files.

Upload Cancel Button

Users can then reload the file whose upload was canceled. This action raises the FileReloaded event.

Upload Chunk Reload Button

Set the AllowCancel property to false to hide the cancel button during the upload process.

<DxUpload Name="myFile" UploadUrl="https://localhost:10000/api/Upload/UploadFile/"

Upload Hidden Cancel Button

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