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DxTreeView.AllowSelectNodes Property

Specifies whether or not nodes can be selected.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Blazor


public bool AllowSelectNodes { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description
Boolean false

true, to allow node selection; otherwise, false


When the AllowSelectNodes property is set to true, the DxTreeView component allows users to click a node to select it. When a user selects a node, the SelectionChanged event fires.

You can use the SelectNode method to select a node programmatically.

The code sample below demonstrates how to get the selected node’s text.

<DxTreeView AllowSelectNodes="true" 
    @* ... *@

@code  {
    string SelectedGroup = "none";

    void SelectionChanged(TreeViewNodeEventArgs e) {
        SelectedGroup = e.NodeInfo.Text;

TreeView Node Selection

Run Demo: TreeView - Selection

Load Child Nodes on Demand Mode and Node Selection

If the AllowSelectNodes property is set to true and a user navigates to a URL associated with a TreeView node, the component select this node. If the LoadChildNodesOnDemand property is true, the component applies proper selection only if a user has already loaded that node (expanded all its parent nodes).

The code below demonstrates a TreeView with the enabled LoadChildNodesOnDemand property. When a user opens the https://localhost:44348/sortdata URL, the Sort Data node is not selected.

<DxTreeView CssClass="app-sidebar" AllowSelectNodes="true" LoadChildNodesOnDemand="true">
        <DxTreeViewNode Text="Grid">
                <DxTreeViewNode NavigateUrl="sortdata" Text="Sort Data"></DxTreeViewNode>
                <DxTreeViewNode NavigateUrl="groupdata" Text="Group Data"></DxTreeViewNode>
        <DxTreeViewNode Text="Scheduler">
                <DxTreeViewNode NavigateUrl="viewtypes" Text="View Types"></DxTreeViewNode>
                <DxTreeViewNode NavigateUrl="resources" Text="Resources"></DxTreeViewNode>

Selection with LoadOnDemand enabled

The image below shows selection with the disabled LoadChildNodesOnDemand mode:

Selection with LoadOnDemand disabled

You can also use the DxTreeView.UrlMatchMode and DxTreeViewNode.UrlMatchMode properties to specify how the TreeView component matches the browser URL and node’s NavigateUrl property.

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