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DxTreeView Properties

A TreeView component.
Name Description
AllowSelectNodes Specifies whether or not nodes can be selected.
ChildrenExpression Obsolete. Specifies an expression that returns a node’s children.
CollapseButtonIconCssClass Specify a CSS class for the collapse button’s icon.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
CustomFilter Allows you to implement custom filter logic.
Data Specifies a data source.
DataMappings Specifies data mappings.
Enabled Specifies whether the navigation component is enabled. Inherited from DxNavigationControlComponent<JSProxyType, TModel>.
ExpandButtonIconCssClass Specify a CSS class for the expand button’s icon.
FilterMinLength Specifies the minimum number of characters a user must type in the search box to apply the filter.
FilterMode Specifies how the component displays filtered nodes.
FilterNullText Specifies the filter panel’s prompt text.
FilterString Specifies the filter criteria used to filter the component’s nodes.
HasChildrenExpression Obsolete. A lambda expression that specifies whether the data item has child items.
IconCssClassExpression Obsolete. Specifies an expression that returns the name of a CSS class applied to a node’s icon.
Id Specifies the component’s unique identifier. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
LoadChildNodesOnDemand Specifies whether TreeView child nodes are loaded on demand.
NameExpression Obsolete. Specifies an expression that returns a node’s name.
NavigateUrlExpression Obsolete. Specifies an expression that returns a node’s target URL.
NodeExpandCollapseAction Specifies user actions that expand or collapse a node.
Nodes Provides access to the component node collection.
NodeTemplate Specifies the common template used to display all nodes.
NodeTextTemplate Specifies the common template for the text in the TreeView node labels.
ShowExpandButtons Specifies whether expand buttons are visible.
ShowFilterPanel Specifies whether the TreeView displays the filter panel.
Target Specifies the target attribute’s value for all nodes.
TextExpression Obsolete. Specifies an expression that returns a node’s text.
Visible Specifies the navigation component’s visibility. Inherited from DxNavigationControlComponent<JSProxyType, TModel>.
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