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DxGridColumn Properties

A base class for Grid columns.
Name Description
AllowReorder Specifies whether users can change this column’s position.
Caption Specifies the column’s caption.
CaptionAlignment Specifies the alignment of the column’s Caption.
FixedPosition Allows you to anchor the column to the Grid’s left or right edge.
FooterTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column’s footer cell.
GroupFooterTemplate Specifies a template for the column’s group footer cell.
HeaderCaptionTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column header’s caption.
MinWidth Specifies a column’s minimum width in pixels.
Name Specifies the column’s unique identifier.
ShowInColumnChooser Specifies whether a hidden column should be listed in the Column Chooser.
TextAlignment Specifies the alignment of text in column cells.
Visible Specifies whether the grid column is visible.
VisibleIndex Specifies a column’s position among other columns.
Width Specifies the column’s width.
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