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ChartSeriesPointImageModel.Width Property

Specifies the image width.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Blazor


public int Width { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description
Int32 30

The image width.


A Chart point’s image width is specified by the Width property. You can override this value for individual points. For this purpose, handle the CustomizeSeriesPoint event and use the PointAppearance.Image.Width property to set the new image width.

The following example illustrates how to:

  • use the DxChartSeriesPointImage component to specify the image size for all points;
  • handle the CustomizeSeriesPoint event and use the PointAppearance.Image.Height and PointAppearance.Image.Width properties to change the image size for points whose values are greater than 75.
<DxChart Data="@WeatherForecasts" CustomizeSeriesPoint="@PreparePointImage">
    <DxChartLineSeries AggregationMethod="@(i => (int)i.Average())"
                       ValueField="@((WeatherForecast i) => i.TemperatureF)"
                       ArgumentField="@(i => i.Date.Date)"
                       Name="Temperature, F">
            <DxChartSeriesPointImage Width="25" Height="25" />
    <DxChartLegend Position="RelativePosition.Outside" />

@code {q
    WeatherForecast[] WeatherForecasts;
    protected void PreparePointImage(ChartSeriesPointCustomizationSettings pointSettings) {
        IEnumerable<WeatherForecast> dataItems = pointSettings.Point.DataItems.Cast<WeatherForecast>();
        var weatherType = dataItems.GroupBy(x => x.CloudCover).OrderByDescending(x => x.Count()).First().Key;
        pointSettings.PointAppearance.Image.Url = $"_content/BlazorDemo/images/{weatherType}.png";

        double value = (double)pointSettings.Point.Value;
        if (value > 75) {
            pointSettings.PointAppearance.Image.Height = 50;
            pointSettings.PointAppearance.Image.Width = 50;

Chart Point Image Height

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