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Free Xamarin.Forms UI Controls

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Microsoft will end Xamarin-related support services on May 1, 2024 and shift development focus to the .NET MAUI platform.

Based on Microsoft’s decision, we highly recommend those using Xamarin.Forms to consider our .NET MAUI Component Suite for existing/new mobile projects. DevExpress .NET MAUI components support many of the features/capabilities available in Xamarin.Forms counterparts.

Please refer to the following help topic when you are ready to migrate your DevExpress Xamarin.Forms-based application to .NET MAUI: Migration from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI.

All DevExpress Xamarin.Forms UI controls for mobile development (iOS and Android) are available free-of-charge. Visit our Free Xamarin UI Controls page to reserve your free copy of these controls.

DevExpress Components for Xamarin.Forms

Get Started

The following topics allow you to get started with DevExpress Components for Xamarin.Forms:


DevExpress provides the following Xamarin.Forms controls:


Watch training videos on the DevExpress YouTube channel.


Use the following links to download a demo application and see DevExpress Xamarin.Forms UI controls in action:


The following examples are available on GitHub:


Follow the Xamarin & .NET MAUI Team Blog for the latest updates on how we port the existing suite of Xamarin.Forms UI controls to the .NET MAUI platform.

What’s New

See the following pages to review new features and major changes in recent versions of DevExpress .NET Components:

Your Feedback Matters

If you encounter a bug, please submit a bug report via our online support system: For suggestions to our development team, please complete our survey.


Official support services are not included in the free offer. Xamarin.Forms Controls with Support are part of the Universal Subscription.