DxMenu Members

A Menu component.


Name Description
DxMenu() Initializes a new instance of the DxMenu class.


Name Description
CloseMenuOnItemClick Specifies whether to close sub-menus when you click their items.
CollapseItemsToHamburgerMenu Specifies whether menu items are collapsed into a hamburger menu when the width of the browser window changes and there is not enough space to display the items in the menu panel.
CollapseItemToIconMode Specifies whether the menu hides item text and displays icons instead when the width of the browser window changes.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component's CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
DisplayMode Specifies whether the menu is displayed as a panel with root items or in a compact view.
DropDownActionMode Specifies which action is used to open a menu item's submenu.
HamburgerButtonPosition Specifies the hamburger button's position.
HamburgerIconCssClass Specify a CSS class for the hamburger button's icon.
Id For internal use only. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
Items Specifies the menu's item collection.
ItemsPosition Specifies the alignment of items in the menu.
ItemTemplate Specifies the template for menu items.
ItemTextTemplate Specifies the text template for menu items.
Orientation Specifies whether items are arranged vertically or horizontally.
SubMenuTemplate Specifies the template used to display submenus for menu items.
Title Specifies the menu's title.


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Name Description
ItemClick Fires when a user clicks a menu item.
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