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ISchedulerRecurrenceInfo Properties

A base interface that defines recurrence information.
Name Description
DayNumber Specifies the ordinal number of a day within a month.
End Specifies the recurrent appointment’s end date.
FirstDayOfWeek Specifies the first day of the week. This day is used to calculate occurrences.
Frequency Specifies the frequency with which the appointment reoccurs based on the Type property value.
Id Gets the recurrence info identifier.
Month Specifies the month on which the appointment reoccurs.
OccurrenceCount Specifies how many times the recurrent appointment occurs.
Range Specifies the recurrence range’s type.
Start Specifies the recurrent appointment’s start date.
TimeZoneId Specifies the recurrent appointment’s time zone identifier.
Type Specifies the unit of time used to calculate appointment reoccurrences.
WeekDays Specifies the day/days in a week on which the appointment reoccurs.
WeekOfMonth Specifies the week in a month on which the appointment reoccurs.
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