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GridDataColumnGroupRowTemplateContext Properties

Stores information about a group row in the Grid and is passed as the context parameter to the DxGrid.DataColumnGroupRowTemplate and DxGridDataColumn.GroupRowTemplate.
Name Description
ColumnCaption Returns the caption of the grouped column.
DataColumn Returns the data column for which the group row is displayed.
DisplayText Returns text displayed in the group row.
Expanded Returns whether the corresponding group is expanded.
Grid Returns the Grid object.
GroupValue Returns the group row value.
GroupValueDisplayText Returns the group row value’s display text.
HighlightedDisplayText Returns the group row display text with highlighted search text (if any).
HighlightedGroupValueDisplayText Returns the group value with highlighted search text (if any).
SummaryDisplayText Returns the group summary display text.
SummaryItems Returns group summary items.
VisibleIndex Returns the group row’s visible index.
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