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DxScheduler Properties

A calendar and scheduler component.
Name Description
ActiveViewType Specifies the view that the scheduler currently uses to display data.
AllowCreateAppointment Specifies whether users can create new appointments.
AllowDeleteAppointment Specifies whether users can delete appointments.
AllowEditAppointment Specifies whether users can edit appointments.
AppointmentCompactFormLayout Specifies the layout of the compact form that appears when a user creates or edits an appointment.
AppointmentFormLayout Specifies the layout of the pop-up form that appears when you create an appointment and click the expand button, or when you edit an appointment.
AppointmentFormMode Specifies which appointment form a user can use to create and edit appointments.
AppointmentTooltipTemplate Specifies the template for an appointment tooltip.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
DataStorage Specifies the Scheduler’s data source.
FirstDayOfWeek Specifies the first day of the week.
GroupType Specifies how Scheduler appointments are grouped.
Id Specifies the component’s unique identifier. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
InnerComponentSizeMode Specifies the size of the Scheduler’s inner components.
ResourceColorInHeaderVisible Specifies whether a resource color is applied to the corresponding group’s header.
ResourceNavigatorVisible Specifies whether the Scheduler displays the Resource Navigator.
SelectedAppointment Specifies the selected appointment.
ShowAppointmentTooltip Specifies whether to show an appointment’s tooltip.
StartDate Specifies the Scheduler’s start date.
ValidateEditForm Specifies whether to validate the appointment edit form.
Views Specifies the Scheduler’s view collection.
VisibleResourcesDataSource Specifies the data source that stores visible resource objects.
WorkDays Specifies days assigned to a workweek.
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