DxCheckBox<T> Properties

A CheckBox component.
Name Description
Alignment Specifies the alignment of a CheckBox’s content.
AllowIndeterminateState Specifies whether the CheckBox supports the indeterminate state.
AllowIndeterminateStateByClick Specifies whether users can set the checkbox state to indeterminate.
Checked Specifies the checkbox’s state.
CheckedExpression Specifies a lambda expression that identifies the Checked property’s bound value when the CheckBox is placed in the EditForm.
CheckType Specifies the checkbox type.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
DisableDefaultRender Specifies whether to hide the default check mark.
Enabled Specifies whether an editor is enabled. Inherited from DxDataEditorBase<T, JSProxyType>.
Id For internal use only. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
InputId Specifies a unique identifier (ID) of the CheckBox’s input element.
LabelPosition Specifies the horizontal position of the checkbox’s child content relative to the check mark.
LabelWrapMode Specifies how the CheckBox label is wrapped.
ValueChecked Specifies a value that corresponds to the checkbox’s checked state.
ValueIndeterminate Specifies a value that corresponds to the checkbox’s indeterminate state.
ValueUnchecked Specifies a value that corresponds to the checkbox’s unchecked state.
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