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DxTextBox Properties

A single-line text editor.
Name Description
BindValueMode Specifies how to update the Text Box editor’s text when it is bound to a property/field.
Buttons Allows you to add command buttons to the Text Box.
ClearButtonDisplayMode Specifies whether an input editor displays the Clear button when it is not empty. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
CssClass Specifies the name of the CSS class applied to the editor. Inherited from DxDataEditor<T>.
DisplayFormat Specifies the pattern used to format the Text Box’s display value when the editor is not focused.
Enabled Specifies whether an editor is enabled. Inherited from DxDataEditor<T>.
Id Specifies the component’s unique identifier. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
InputCssClass Specifies CSS classes applied to the editor’s input. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
InputDelay Specifies a delay between user changes and the actual text update. Applied for the BindValueMode.OnDelayedInput mode only.
InputId Specifies a unique identifier (ID) of the editor’s input element. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
NullText Specifies the editor’s prompt text when the editor’s value is null. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
Password Specifies whether password mode is active.
ReadOnly Specifies whether read-only mode is active. Inherited from DxDataEditor<T>.
ShowValidationIcon Specifies whether an editor shows validation icons. Inherited from DxInputDataEditorBase<T>.
SizeMode Specifies an editor size. Inherited from DxDataEditor<T>.
Text Specifies the text displayed in the Text Box.
TextExpression Specifies a lambda expression that identifies the Text property’s bound value when a text editor is placed in the EditForm.
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