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DevExpress.Web Namespace

Contains classes which implement the main functionality of all DevExpress controls for ASP.NET.

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


Name Description
AccessRulesCollection A collection of access rules that specify access permissions for files and folders within a file manager.
AccountBase A base class for classes that provides settings of cloud storage accounts.
AccountManager Provides an API to register cloud storage accounts.
AddButtonProperties Contains settings specific to add buttons.
AllButtonProperties Contains settings specific to the button that when clicked, displays the content of all the pages.
AmazonAccount Provides Amazon account settings allowing the control to be connected to an Amazon storage account.
AmazonFileSystemProvider Provides an implementation of the Amazon File System Provider.
AppearanceItemStyle Serves as a base for classes which define style settings for different item elements (such as menu items, navbar items, etc).
AppearanceSelectedStyle Contains style settings for different item elements (such as menu items, navbar items, etc) being selected.
AppearanceStyle Serves as a base for classes which define style settings for different elements of web controls.
AppearanceStyleBase Serves as a base for classes that define appearance styles of different elements within web controls.
ASPxAutoCompleteBoxBase Serves as the base type for the ASPxComboBox and ASPxTokenBox objects.
ASPxBinaryImage Represents an editor capable of displaying images from a binary stream.
ASPxButton A button control.
ASPxButtonEdit Represents an edit control with embedded buttons.
ASPxButtonEditBase Represents a base class for editors that allow edit buttons to be displayed within the client region.
ASPxCalendar Represents the calendar control.
ASPxCallback A non-visual component that allows you to make a round trip to the server (send a custom callback request) and perform server-side actions. The component cannot update other controls in a callback.
ASPxCallbackPanel A callback panel control that allows you to update its content on a callback.
ASPxCaptcha A control used for the challenge-response authentication.
ASPxCardView A server ASPxCardView control.
ASPxCardViewAdaptivitySettings Contains settings that relate to the card view’s adaptivity.
ASPxCardViewAfterPerformCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.AfterPerformCallback event.
ASPxCardViewBeforeColumnSortingEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.BeforeColumnSorting event.
ASPxCardViewBeforeColumnSortingGroupingEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.BeforeColumnSortingGrouping event.
ASPxCardViewBeforeHeaderFilterFillItemsEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.BeforeHeaderFilterFillItems event.
ASPxCardViewBehaviorSettings Provides behavior options for ASPxCardViews.
ASPxCardViewBreakpointsLayoutSettings Contains settings related to the Card View’s grid layout adaptivity settings.
ASPxCardViewCardLayoutCreatedEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CardLayoutCreated event.
ASPxCardViewClientJSPropertiesEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomJSProperties event.
ASPxCardViewColumnDataEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomUnboundColumnData event.
ASPxCardViewColumnDisplayTextEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomColumnDisplayText event.
ASPxCardViewCommandButtonEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CommandButtonInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewCommandButtonSettings Provide access to command buttons properties.
ASPxCardViewCookiesSettings Provides cookies and layout settings for ASPxCardView.
ASPxCardViewCustomButtonCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomButtonCallback event.
ASPxCardViewCustomCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomCallback event.
ASPxCardViewCustomCommandButtonEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomButtonInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewCustomDataCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomDataCallback event.
ASPxCardViewCustomErrorTextEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CustomErrorText event.
ASPxCardViewDataSecuritySettings Contains security settings that allow you to disable data operations in the ASPxCardView.
ASPxCardViewDataValidationEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CardValidating event.
ASPxCardViewEditingSettings Provides editing settings for ASPxCardViews.
ASPxCardViewEditorEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.CellEditorInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewExporter An ASPxCardViewExporter control used to export the ASPxCardView control’s data.
ASPxCardViewExportRenderingEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardViewExporter.RenderBrick event.
ASPxCardViewExportSettings Contains the export settings to be applied when the CardView’s data is exported.
ASPxCardViewFilterControlSettings Contains settings for the filter control.
ASPxCardViewGroupSelectorFillItemsEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.GroupSelectorFillItems event.
ASPxCardViewGroupSelectorInitializeEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.GroupSelectorInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewHeaderFilterEditorInitializeEventArgs Provides data for the HeaderFilterEditorInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewHeaderFilterEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.HeaderFilterFillItems event.
ASPxCardViewHtmlCardPreparedEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.HtmlCardPrepared event.
ASPxCardViewLoadingPanelSettings Provides settings that affect the loading panel‘s appearance and functionality.
ASPxCardViewPagerSettings Provides settings that affect the pager appearance and functionality.
ASPxCardViewPopupControlSettings Contains specific settings for different popup elements.
ASPxCardViewSearchPanelEditorCreateEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.SearchPanelEditorCreate event.
ASPxCardViewSearchPanelEditorEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.SearchPanelEditorInitialize event.
ASPxCardViewSearchPanelSettings Provides settings that affect the search panel functionality.
ASPxCardViewSettings Provides view options for ASPxCardView controls.
ASPxCardViewSummaryDisplayTextEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.SummaryDisplayText event.
ASPxCardViewSummaryItem Represents a summary item.
ASPxCardViewSummaryItemCollection Represents a collection of ASPxCardView summary items.
ASPxCardViewTextSettings Provides text options for ASPxCardViews.
ASPxCardViewToolbarItemClickEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCardView.ToolbarItemClick event.
ASPxCheckBox The check box control.
ASPxCheckBoxList A control to display a list of check boxes.
ASPxCheckListBase The base class for list editors.
ASPxClientLayoutArgs Provides data for a web control’s ClientLayout event.
ASPxCloudControl A cloud control.
ASPxCollapsiblePanel Represents a base class for the ASPxPanel and ASPxCallbackPanel controls that provides collapsing functionality.
ASPxColorEdit Represents a color editor control that has a dropdown window with a color palette.
ASPxComboBox An editor which displays a list of items within its dropdown window.
ASPxDataView An ASPxDataView control.
ASPxDataViewBase Serves as a base for the ASPxDataView and ASPxNewsControl classes.
ASPxDataWebControl Serves as the base class that defines methods, properties and events common to all ASPx web controls that can be bound to data.
ASPxDataWebControlBase Serves as the base class for controls that can be bound to data.
ASPxDateEdit A date editor control.
ASPxDockManager A component that is used to manage panels and zones on a page.
ASPxDockPanel A panel control that acts as a movable window.
ASPxDockZone A zone where panels can be docked.
ASPxDropDownEdit An editor that provides the drop-down list functionality.
ASPxDropDownEditBase Represents the base class for editors capable of using the dropdown window.
ASPxEdit Represents the base class for editors that allow their values to be changed by end users.
ASPxEditBase Represents the base class for all editor types.
ASPxFileManager A file management control.
ASPxFilterControl Represents a filter control.
ASPxFilterControlBase Serves as a base for the ASPxFilterControl class.
ASPxFloatingActionButton A floating action button.
ASPxFormLayout A form layout management control.
ASPxGlobalEvents Represents an ASPxGlobalEvents control.
ASPxGridAfterPerformCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.AfterPerformCallback and ASPxCardView.AfterPerformCallback events.
ASPxGridBase Serves as the base class that implements the main functionality of grid-like controls (such as ASPxGridView, ASPxCardView and ASPxVerticalGrid).
ASPxGridBeforeColumnGroupingSortingEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.BeforeColumnSortingGrouping and ASPxCardView.BeforeColumnSortingGrouping events.
ASPxGridBeforeExportEventArgs Provides data for the BeforeExport event.
ASPxGridBeforeHeaderFilterFillItemsEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.BeforeHeaderFilterFillItems and ASPxCardView.BeforeHeaderFilterFillItems events.
ASPxGridBehaviorSettings Serves as a base for classes that provide behavior options for grid-like controls (such as ASPxGridView, ASPxCardView and ASPxVerticalGrid).
ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.CustomUnboundColumnData and ASPxCardView.CustomUnboundColumnData events.
ASPxGridColumnDisplayTextEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.CustomColumnDisplayText, ASPxCardView.CustomColumnDisplayText, and ASPxVerticalGrid.CustomRowDisplayText events.
ASPxGridCommandButtonEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.CommandButtonInitialize and ASPxCardView.CommandButtonInitialize events.
ASPxGridCommandButtonSettings Serves as a base for classes that provide settings for command buttons customization in grid-like controls.
ASPxGridCookiesSettings Serves as a base for classes that provide cookies settings for grid-like controls.
ASPxGridCustomButtonCallbackEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxGridView.CustomButtonCallback and ASPxCardView.CustomButtonCallback events.
ASPxGridCustomCallbackEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for the CustomCallback events.
ASPxGridCustomCommandButtonEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for command button related events.
ASPxGridCustomDataCallbackEventArgs Serves as a base class for the ASPxCardViewCustomCallbackEventArgs, ASPxGridViewCustomDataCallbackEventArgs, and ASPxVerticalGridCustomDataCallbackEventArgs classes.
ASPxGridCustomErrorTextEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for the CustomErrorText events of grid-like controls.
ASPxGridDataSecuritySettings Serves as a base for classes that provide security settings for grid-like controls.
ASPxGridDataValidationEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for the validation events of grid-like controls.
ASPxGridEditingSettings Serves as a base for classes that provide edit settings for grid-like controls.
ASPxGridEditorCreateEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for editor creation events of grid-like controls.
ASPxGridEditorEventArgs Serves as a base for classes that provide data for editor initialization events of grid-like controls.
ASPxGridExporterBase Serves as a base class for the ASPxCardViewExporter and ASPxGridViewExporter classes.
ASPxGridExportSettings Serves as a base class for the ASPxGridViewExportSettings, ASPxCardViewExportSettings, ASPxVerticalGridExportSettings classes.
ASPxGridFilterControlSettings A base class that provides settings affecting the built-in filter control functionality.
ASPxGridHeaderFilterEditorInitializeEventArgs A base class for classes that provide data for the HeaderFilterEditorInitialize events of the grid-like controls.