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Filter Bar

The Filter Bar displays a string representation of the filter criteria applied to ASPxGridView. It also displays the following elements:

  • Filter Expression
  • Clear Command - clears the current filter.
  • Enable Filter check box - enables or temporarily disables the current filter.
  • Filter Image - invokes the Filter Control.



The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Visibility ASPxGridSettings.ShowFilterBar
Content ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.FilterBarClear, ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.FilterBarCreateFilter, ASPxGridBase.FilterExpression
Appearance GridViewStyles.FilterBar, GridViewStyles.FilterBarCheckBoxCell, GridViewStyles.FilterBarClearButtonCell, GridViewStyles.FilterBarExpressionCell, GridViewStyles.FilterBarImageCell, GridViewStyles.FilterBarLink