ASPxVerticalGrid.CellEditorInitialize Event

Enables initializing the cell editors displayed within the edit cells.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v20.2.dll


public event ASPxVerticalGridEditorEventHandler CellEditorInitialize
Public Event CellEditorInitialize As ASPxVerticalGridEditorEventHandler

Event Data

The CellEditorInitialize event's data class is ASPxVerticalGridEditorEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Editor Gets the editor currently being processed. Inherited from ASPxGridEditorEventArgs.
Row Gets the data row whose cell editor is being initialized.
Value Gets the editor's value. Inherited from ASPxGridEditorEventArgs.


The CellEditorInitialize event is raised when the ASPxVerticalGrid is switched to edit mode and enables you to initialize cell editors.

  • Since the CellEditorInitialize event works correctly only when a request is sent to the server to initialize an editor, this event will not be raised after you start editing a new row in Batch edit mode because in this mode, requests are not sent to the server when an editor is activated.
  • The CellEditorInitialize event affects only the edit mode settings (when editors are visible).
  • The CellEditorInitialize event isn't raised for edit cells that contain custom editors defined using templates.
  • The CellEditorInitialize event fires only for built-in column editors.


The following example illustrates how to use the CellEditorInitialize event to automatically focus the required column's editor using the editor's ASPxWebControl.Focus method (the e.Editor event argument).

protected void ASPxVerticalGrid1_CellEditorInitialize(object sender,
    DevExpress.Web.ASPxVerticalGridEditorEventArgs e) {
    if (e.Column.FieldName == "TimeFrom")
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