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Items are contained in a group‘s RibbonGroup.Items collection. An action on the Item (e.g., a button click or an editor value change) raises the ASPxClientRibbon.CommandExecuted event.


An item can be displayed in a large or small size. If a ribbon has insufficient space to display all of its items, large items can be displayed in a small size, provided that small item images are specified, or text is specified.


Ribbon items are represented by descendants of the RibbonItemBase class. To learn more about ribbon item types, see the Item Types topic.

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Text RibbonItemBase.Text
Image RibbonButtonItem.SmallImage, RibbonButtonItem.LargeImage
Tooltip RibbonItemBase.ToolTip
Style RibbonItemBase.ItemStyle, RibbonStyles.Item
Size RibbonItemBase.Size
Drop-down Popup Style RibbonStyles.ItemDropDownPopup
Pop-out Image RibbonImages.PopOut
Item Separator Visibillity RibbonItemBase.BeginGroup
Visibility RibbonItemBase.Visible
Access Key RibbonItemBase.AccessKey