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Customization Dialog

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The Customization Dialog allows users to sort, filter, group data, and change the order and visibility of columns in the ASPxGridView control on touch-enabled user interfaces. The dialog is optimized for use on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops/laptops with touchscreen monitors.


Online Demo: Customization Dialog

The following pages are available within the Customization Dialog to perform corresponding column-level data shaping operations:

  • Sorting

    Enables users to sort/unsort grid columns, change the sort order of a column, and change the order in which the grid sorts columns.

  • Grouping

    Enables users to group/ungroup grid columns and change the group order in the grid.

  • Filtering

    Enables users to enter filter criteria to filter grid columns.

  • Column Chooser

    Enables users to change the order and visibility of columns.


    Note that the capability to change column order in the Customization Dialog is incompatible with banded column layouts. If grid columns are grouped using Header Bands or Data Cell Bands, column movement is disabled.

Use the ASPxGridView.SettingsCustomizationDialog property to access settings that specify the availability of the Customization Dialog and its pages. Set the ASPxGridViewCustomizationDialogSettings.Enabled property to true to enable the Customization Dialog.

You can display the Customization Dialog as follows:

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