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A Group is used to divide items in a tab into logical groups.


When the ribbon control has insufficient space to display all of its items, a group can be collapsed. In this case, the collapsed group displays an expand button. The group items are contained in the group popup window.


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Text RibbonGroup.Text
Style RibbonStyles.Group
Items RibbonGroup.Items
Dialog Box Launcher Visibility RibbonGroup.ShowDialogBoxLauncher
Group Expand Button Style RibbonStyles.GroupExpandButton
Group Expand Button Image RibbonGroup.Image
Group Popup Style RibbonStyles.GroupPopup
Group Label Visibility ASPxRibbon.ShowGroupLabels
Group Label Style RibbonStyles.GroupLabel
Group Separator Style RibbonStyles.GroupSeparator
Visibility RibbonGroup.Visible
One Line Mode Settings RibbonGroup.OneLineModeSettings, RibbonStyles.OneLineModeGroupExpandButton
Access Key RibbonGroup.AccessKey
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