Dropbox File System Provider

Set the ASPxFileManager.ProviderType property to Dropbox to allow ASPxFileManager to operate with files contained in the Dropbox Service.

The Dropbox file system provider is represented by the DropboxFileSystemProvider class that defines methods for getting a file and folder hierarchy, and the methods for editing file manager items.


Provider Settings

To connect the ASPxFileManager to Dropbox cloud storage, register a Dropbox account in the global.asax file using the AccountManager.RegisterDropbox method and then specify the following settings provided by the ASPxFileManager.SettingsDropbox property.

The ASPxFileManager allows you to perform custom actions on every request to Dropbox Services by handling the ASPxFileManager.CloudProviderRequest event.


Set the Full Dropbox permission for your app to provide ASPxFileManager with access to the Datastore API. To learn more, see the Dropbox Platform developer guide Dropbox help topic.

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File Manager - Dropbox Provider

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