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ASPxSiteMapControl Class

Represents a site map control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public class ASPxSiteMapControl :


Use the ASPxSiteMapControl to display information on a web application’s site map within a web page. A site map control can be used in conjunction with a site map data source (which for instance can be either the standard SiteMapDataSource or our advanced ASPxSiteMapDataSource component) to obtain site map data and render an effective navigation interface for users to navigate a web site.

Fundamentally, the ASPxSiteMapControl is used to visualize a hierarchical structure of site map node objects. However, the ASPxSiteMapControl does not maintain the relationships between the nodes, but rather delegates this to the site map providers. The ASPxSiteMapControl acts as an interface to the site navigation information that is held by the site map providers. Note that the ASPxSiteMapControl is shipped with a specifically designed UnboundSiteMapProvider which can store its site map information in any way - either as unbound in-memory data or in a specific XML file.

The ASPxSiteMapControl allows you to break information on the hierarchical structure of site map nodes into several columns. Columns are represented by the SiteMapColumn class instances which are contained within the ASPxSiteMapControlBase.Columns collection of the control. Each column object allows its start node to be specified via the SiteMapColumn.StartingNodeIndex property and provides a number of style properties to customize the column’s appearance.

The ASPxSiteMapControl control offers you complete style customization of such elements as columns, column separators, links (for instance, see the ASPxSiteMapControlBase.ColumnStyle, ASPxSiteMapControlBase.ColumnSeparatorStyle, ASPxSiteMapControlBase.LinkStyle properties). Moreover, there is an ability to define the common appearance for all site map nodes of all hierarchy levels (see the ASPxSiteMapControl.DefaultLevelProperties property) and provide specific appearance settings for individual nesting levels (see the ASPxSiteMapControl.LevelProperties property).

Additionally, you can use the template technology to get unlimited control over the contents of site map nodes and column separators. You can specify these templates at the level of the site map control (see the ASPxSiteMapControlBase.NodeTemplate and ASPxSiteMapControlBase.ColumnSeparatorTemplate properties) and at the level of an individual nesting level (see the LevelProperties.NodeTemplate property).


This control doesn’t implement any public client-side API.

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