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ASPxImageZoomNavigator Class

An image zoom navigator control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public class ASPxImageZoomNavigator :


ASPxImageZoomNavigator is a data control that displays a set of thumbnails. Clicking (or hovering based on the ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ActiveItemChangeAction property value) a thumbnail opens a corresponding image in an associated ASPxImageZoom control (ASPxImageZoom.AssociatedImageZoomNavigatorID).

Image Zoom Navigator

Create an ImageZoomNavigator Control

Design Time

The ASPxImageZoomNavigator control is available on the DX.23.1: Navigation & Layout toolbox tab in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

Drag the control onto a form and customize the control’s settings, or paste the control’s markup in the page’s source code.

<dx:ASPxImageZoom ID="imageZoom" ClientInstanceName="ClientImageZoom" runat="server" AssociatedImageZoomNavigatorID="zoomNavigator" />

<dx:ASPxImageZoomNavigator ID="zoomNavigator" runat="server" ImageSourceFolder="~/Content/Images/ZoomImages/shoes/" ClientInstanceName="ClientZoomNavigator">
        ImageHeight="350" ImageWidth="350" LargeImageHeight="900" LargeImageWidth="900" ImageCacheFolder="~/Thumb/" />

Run Time

using DevExpress.Web;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ASPxImageZoom imageZoom = new ASPxImageZoom();
    imageZoom.ID = "imageZoom";
    imageZoom.AssociatedImageZoomNavigatorID = "zoomNavigator";
    imageZoom.ClientInstanceName = "ClientImageZoom";

    ASPxImageZoomNavigator zoomNavigator = new ASPxImageZoomNavigator();
    zoomNavigator.ID = "zoomNavigator";

    zoomavigator.ClientInstanceName = "ClientZoomNavigator";
    zoomNavigator.ImageSourceFolder = "~/Content/Images/ZoomImages/shoes/";
    zoomNavigator.SettingsAutoGeneratedImages.ImageHeight = 350;
    zoomNavigator.SettingsAutoGeneratedImages.ImageWidth = 350;
    zoomNavigator.SettingsAutoGeneratedImages.LargeImageHeight = 900;
    zoomNavigator.SettingsAutoGeneratedImages.LargeImageWidth = 900;
    zoomNavigator.SettingsAutoGeneratedImages.ImageCacheFolder = "~/Thumb/";


DevExpress controls require that you register special modules, handlers, and options in the Web.config file. You can change this file or switch to the Design tab in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to automatically update the Web.config file. Note that this information is automatically registered if you use the DevExpress Template Gallery to create a project.

The number of thumbnails displayed in an ASPxImageZoomNavigator object is controlled by the ASPxImageZoomNavigator.VisibleItemCount property. The thumbnails can be ordered in a horizontal or vertical direction based on the ASPxImageZoomNavigator.Orientation property value.

Images displayed by the ASPxImageZoomNavigator control can be defined in the ASPxImageZoomNavigator.Items collection. Additionally, the control can be populated with item information taken from a data source that can be specified by using either of the following properties.

When the ASPxImageZoomNavigator control is bound to a data source, an ImageZoomNavigatorItem object is created automatically for every recognized data item. Individual item characteristics (such as text, image path, and thumbnail path) are obtained from the data fields (item attributes) of the corresponding data items. The ASPxImageZoomNavigator exposes its specific data-related properties, allowing you to specify which data source fields the item information should be retrieved from.

Member Description
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ImageUrlField Gets or sets the name of a data field (or an xml element’s attribute) which provides items’ image locations.
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.LargeImageUrlField Gets or sets the name of a data field (or an xml element’s attribute) which provides items’ large image locations.
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ThumbnailUrlField Gets or sets the name of a data field (or an xml element’s attribute) which provides items’ thumbnail image locations.
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ImageContentBytesField Gets or sets the data source field which provides items’ binary images.
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ExpandWindowTextField Gets or sets the name of a data field (or an xml element’s attribute) which provides the items’ expand window texts.
ASPxImageZoomNavigator.ZoomWindowTextField Gets or sets the name of a data field (or an xml element’s attribute) which provides items’ zoom window texts.


ASPxImageZoomNavigator control provides you with comprehensive client-side functionality implemented using JavaScript code.

The control’s client-side API is enabled if the ASPxImageSliderBase.ClientInstanceName property is defined or any client event is handled.

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