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DevExpress.Web.Captcha Namespace

Contains classes that implement the additional functionality of the ASPxCaptcha control.

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


Name Description
CaptchaImageProperties Contains settings specific to the challenge image of the ASPxCaptcha.
CaptchaImages Contains image settings.
CaptchaStyles Contains style settings defining the appearance of the ASPxCaptcha’s visual elements.
CaptchaTextBoxProperties Contains settings specific to the text box within the ASPxCaptcha.
CaptchaTextBoxStyle Contains style settings that specify the appearance of the captcha control’s text box.
CaptchaValidationSettings Contains settings that relate to the validation of the value entered into the editor.
ChallengeImageCustomRenderEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxCaptcha.ChallengeImageCustomRender event.
RefreshButtonProperties Contains settings specific to the refresh button.
RefreshButtonStyle Contains style settings that define the appearance of the captcha control’s refresh button.


Name Description
ChallengeImageCustomRenderEventHandler A method that will handle the ASPxCaptcha.ChallengeImageCustomRender event.


Name Description
CaptchaFontStyle Provides style settings used define the font of a validation summary’s challenge image.
ControlPosition List values that specify an element’s position within a control area.