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VerticalGridComboBoxRow Class

Represents a row with the combo box editor.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public class VerticalGridComboBoxRow :


VerticalGridComboBoxRow objects represent rows whose values are edited using the combo box editor.

The row editor’s settings can be accessed and customized using the VerticalGridComboBoxRow.PropertiesComboBox property. Use the AutoCompleteBoxPropertiesBase.DataSourceID property, to bind the row’s combo box editor.

Run Demo: ASPxVerticalGrid - Batch Editing and Updating

<dx:VerticalGridComboBoxRow FieldName="CategoryID" Caption="Category Name">
    <PropertiesComboBox DataSourceID="CategoriesDataSource" ValueType="System.Int32" ValueField="CategoryID" TextField="CategoryName">
        <ValidationSettings Display="Dynamic" RequiredField-IsRequired="true" />

Use the AutoCompleteBoxPropertiesBase.ValueField property to specify the data source field that provides values for the combo box items. You should also specify the required data type by the ComboBoxProperties.ValueType property.

The AutoCompleteBoxPropertiesBase.TextField property specifies the data source field that provides the display text for the combo box items.

Alternatively, you can create static items for the combobox rows’ drop-down list:

<dx:VerticalGridComboBoxRow FieldName="CountryID" Caption="Country">
    <PropertiesComboBox ValueType="System.Int32">
            <dx:ListEditItem Text="USA" Value="1" />
            <dx:ListEditItem Text="Germany" Value="2" />
            <dx:ListEditItem Text="France" Value="3" />
            <dx:ListEditItem Text="Italy" Value="4" />


The VerticalGridComboBoxRow object does not support database server mode.

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