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RibbonDropDownButtonItem Class

A ribbon item used to display the drop-down button functionality.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public class RibbonDropDownButtonItem :

The following members return RibbonDropDownButtonItem objects:


The RibbonDropDownButtonItem object is a ribbon item that implements the drop-down button functionality. The RibbonDropDownButtonItem.Items property provides access to a collection of items displayed within the item’s drop-down window. If a drop-down item is displayed within a drop-down window, the item’s RibbonDropDownButtonItem.Parent property returns the item to which the window belongs.

Typically, a drop-down item menu is invoked by clicking a drop-down button that consists of the item’s pop-out image and text. A mouse click to another part of an item (e.g., an item image) won’t invoke the menu. Set the RibbonDropDownButtonItem.DropDownMode property to false to invoke a drop-down menu by clicking any area of the parent ribbon item.

When the RibbonDropDownButtonItem button is clicked, the client-side ASPxClientRibbon.CommandExecuted event is raised. You can use the ASPxClientRibbonCommandExecutedEventArgs.item argument property to determine the clicked item.


<dx:RibbonDropDownButtonItem Name="Table" Size="Large" Text="Table">
          <dx:RibbonDropDownButtonItem Name="Insert Table" Text="Insert Table">
               <SmallImage IconID="grid_cards_16x16">
          <dx:RibbonDropDownButtonItem Name="Draw Table" Text="Draw Table">
               <SmallImage IconID="grid_customizegrid_16x16">
          <dx:RibbonDropDownButtonItem Name="Quick Table" Text="Quick Table">
               <SmallImage IconID="grid_grid_16x16">
     <LargeImage IconID="grid_cards_32x32">

To learn more about ribbon item types, see the Item Types topic.

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