View Modes

ASPxFileManager supports two file list view modes: Thumbnails and Details. The current view mode can be specified by the FileManagerSettingsFileList.View property.

Thumbnails View Mode

In the Thumbnails view mode, a file list displays thumbnails. You can use the FileManagerSettingsFileList.ThumbnailsViewSettings property to customize the mode functionality.

ASPxFileManager - Thumbnails

Details View Mode

In the Details view mode, a file list displays information about files in a grid view. To customize the functionality of this mode, use the FileManagerSettingsFileList.DetailsViewSettings property.

ASPxFileManager - Details

The column collection displayed in the file manager can be accessed by using the FileManagerFileListDetailsViewSettings.Columns property. If the collection is empty, the following default columns are displayed in the control.

Column Type Description
FileName The column displays a file name, i.e., the FileManagerItem.Name property value.
LastWriteTime The column displays the time of the last file modification, i.e., the FileManagerItem.LastWriteTime property value.
Size The column displays the file size, i.e., the FileManagerItem.Length property value.
Thumbnail The column displays the file thumbnail.

To learn how to provide custom columns, see the Custom Columns topic.