Google Drive Personal File System Provider

The Google Drive file system provider (personal account) (GoogleDrivePersonalFileSystemProvider) allows you to connect the ASPxFileManager to the Google Drive (using client authorization).


Register the Google Drive service account that belongs to a user's account. The service account allows you to use the Google APIs to access a user’s account.

Provider Settings

Set the ASPxFileManager.ProviderType property to FileManagerProviderType.GoogleDrivePersonal to allow the ASPxFileManager to manage files and folders in Google Drive.

The GoogleDrivePersonalFileSystemProvider class allows you to access files' and folders' hierarchy and manipulate these files in the file manager.


Do the following to connect the ASPxFileManager to Google Drive (personal account):

  • Use the AccountManager.RegisterGoogleDrivePersonal method to register the Google Drive personal account in the global.asax file.

    AccountManager.RegisterGoogleDrivePersonal("FileManagerGoogleDrivePersonalAccount", "customClientID", "..MIIEvQIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCBKcwggSjAgEAAoIBAQCVoaYrE7fEgu...");
  • Use the ASPxFileManager.SettingsGoogleDrivePersonal property to specify the Google Drive personal account settings:

    <dx:ASPxFileManager ID="FileManager" runat="server" ProviderType="GoogleDrivePersonal">
        <SettingsGoogleDrivePersonal AccountName="FileManagerGoogleDrivePersonalAccount" RedirectUrl="" />

The ASPxFileManager allows you to handle every request to Google Drive personal account (the ASPxFileManager.CloudProviderRequest event).