Axis2D.LabelAlignment Property

Gets or sets the axis label alignment. This is a dependency property.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v20.1.dll


public AxisLabelAlignment LabelAlignment { get; set; }
Public Property LabelAlignment As AxisLabelAlignment

Property Value

Type Description

The value that defines the axis label alignment.


The following table lists values you can use to specify the LabelAlignment property.

Value The example image
Center Axis Label Alignment - Center
Far Axis Label Alignment - Far
Near Axis Label Alignment - Near


This example illustrates how to configure the axis element appearance and layout:

The following markup configures options of a y-axis to resemble to its appearance in the image above:

    <dxc:AxisY2D TitlePosition="Outside" 
            <dxc:ContinuousNumericScaleOptions AutoGrid="False" 
            <dxc:Range dxc:AxisY2D.AlwaysShowZeroLevel="False"/>
            <dxc:AxisLabel TextPattern="{}{V} °F" 
            <dxc:AxisTitle Content="Temperature"  

The following table lists the API members the example above uses:

Member Description
Axis2D.TitlePosition Gets or sets the axis title position.
Axis2D.LabelPosition Gets or sets the axis label position.
Axis2D.LabelAlignment Gets or sets the axis label alignment. This is a dependency property.
Axis2D.Alignment Gets or sets the axis alignment. This is a dependency property.
AxisY2D.NumericScaleOptions Provides access to the options that define the behavior of a numeric Y-scale when its mode is continuous.
ContinuousNumericScaleOptions Contains settings for numeric axis data when its scale mode is continuous.
Axis.WholeRange Gets or sets the range through which it's possible to scroll an axis.
Range Contains the common settings that define the range displayed by an axis.
AxisBase.Label Provides access to the settings that specify the position and text format of axis labels.
AxisLabel Contains settings for axis labels.
Axis.Title Provides access to the title settings of an axis.
AxisTitle Defines the common settings of an axis title.
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