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DevExpress.Xpf.Ribbon Namespace

Contains classes that implement the Ribbon UI. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxr=”“ namespace reference.

Assemblies: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v23.1.dll, DevExpress.Xpf.Ribbon.v23.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Wpf.Core, DevExpress.Wpf.Ribbon


Name Description
ApplicationMenu The Windows Explorer style popup menu.
ApplicationMenuInfo This class is obsolete. Use the ApplicationMenu class instead.
BackstageButtonItem A button item within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageItem Provides a base class for backstage clickable items.
BackstageItemBase A base for classes that represent backstage items.
BackstageItemWithImage A base class for items with glyphs.
BackstageSeparatorItem A line that separates neighboring backstage items.
BackstageTabItem A tab item within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewControl The MS Office style full-screen menu.
BarButtonGroup Represents a group of items.
BarButtonGroupLink Represents a link to the BarButtonGroup item.
DropDownGalleryEventArgs Provides data for the RibbonGalleryBarItem.DropDownGalleryInit andRibbonGalleryBarItem.DropDownGalleryClosed events.
DXRibbonWindow A window that is designed to be used together with a RibbonControl, to implement the Ribbon UI in your application.
GalleryDropDownPopupMenu A popup menu capable of displaying a gallery.
RibbonControl The Ribbon Control.
RibbonDefaultPageCategory Represents the Ribbon default page category.
RibbonGalleryBarItem A bar item that displays a gallery.
RibbonGalleryBarItemLink Represents a link to a RibbonGalleryBarItem object.
RibbonGalleryItemThemePaletteSelectorBehavior Populates the associated RibbonGalleryBarItem with the available palettes and allows you to choose the application theme’s palette.
RibbonGalleryItemThemeSelectorBehavior Populates the associated RibbonGalleryBarItem with available themes and allows you to choose the application’s theme.
RibbonPage Represents a Ribbon Page within a RibbonControl.
RibbonPageCategory Represents a Ribbon custom page category, used to implement contextual Ribbon pages.
RibbonPageCategoryBase Represents the base class for Ribbon categories.
RibbonPageGroup Represents a set of bar items and bar item links within a RibbonPage.
RibbonStatusBarControl A Ribbon UI status bar.
SimplifiedModeSettings static Contains settings specific to the Ribbon’s Simplified Mode.


Name Description
DropDownGalleryEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events relating to dropdown galleries.


Name Description
BackstageItemPlacement Lists values that specify where the backstage item is displayed.
BackstageViewPlacement Lists values that specify where the backstage view is rendered.
MinimizationButtonPosition Provides members that specify Ribbon Minimize button’s position.
RibbonMergeType Specifies merging options used by the RibbonControl.Merge method.
RibbonMinimizationButtonVisibility Provides members that specify Ribbon’s Minimize button visibility.
RibbonPageCategoryCaptionAlignment Enumerates values that specify how custom page categories are aligned.
RibbonQuickAccessToolbarShowMode Contains values that specify where a Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar is displayed within a Ribbon Control.
RibbonStyle Enumerates available paint styles for a Ribbon Control.
RibbonTitleBarVisibility Lists values that specify the visibility of the bar displaying the Quick Access Toolbar.
SelectedPageOnCategoryShowing Provides members that specify which page within a RibbonPageCategory will be selected when this category is displayed.
SelectedPageOnMerging Provides members that specify which RibbonPage will be selected after ribbon controls are merged.
SimplifiedModeLocation Lists values that specify a Ribbon items location.