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DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.Heatmap Namespace

Contains API members that implement the Heatmap Control functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Charts


Name Description
HeatmapAxis Contains settings for heatmap axes.
HeatmapColorProviderBase The base class for heatmap color providers.
HeatmapControl Displays a customizable and interactive heatmap chart.
HeatmapDataAdapterBase The base class for adapters that load data from sources.
HeatmapDataSourceAdapter Loads heatmap data from a data source.
HeatmapDiagram A heatmap diagram.
HeatmapHitInfo Contains information about a specific point within a heatmap.
HeatmapKeyColorProvider Paints heatmap cells based on their values that are used as keys. If the cells have equal keys, they have the same color.
HeatmapLabel Contains options for heatmap labels.
HeatmapLegend A heatmap legend.
HeatmapLegendItem A heatmap legend item.
HeatmapMatrixAdapter Loads heatmap data from arrays.
HeatmapObjectColorProvider Converts colors from cell values and applies these colors to cells. This is the default color provider.
HeatmapPaletteColorProvider The base class for color providers that apply colors from a palette to heatmap cells.
HeatmapPrintOptions Contains print options for the Heatmap control.
HeatmapRangeColorProvider Paints heatmap cells according to value ranges.
HeatmapRangeStop A color range boundary.
HeatmapRangeStopCollection A collection of color range boundaries.
HeatmapToolTipOptions Contains options for heatmap cell tooltips.


Name Description
ElementSelectionMode Lists heatmap selection modes.
HeatmapAxisLabelAlignment Lists values that specify the axis position regarding the heatmap chart.
HeatmapHighlightMode Lists values that specify how the heatmap highlights cells if a user hovers over a heatmap cell.
HeatmapRangeStopType Lists range stop value types.