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DevExpress.Xpf.Core Namespace

Contains common utility classes used by WPF controls and components from DevExpress.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Core


Name Description
Badge The Badge control displays a text in a badge over a visual element.
BaseSvgImageSourceExtension Serves as a base for the SvgImageSourceExtension class.
CancelRoutedEventArgs Base class that provides event data for various routed events that relate to an action that can be cancelled .
ClearAutomationEventsHelper static Provides access to the object that includes members to work with the UI Automation.
ColumnChooserControlBase Serves as the base class for column choosers used with data-aware controls.
CompleteRecordDragDropEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.CompleteRecordDragDrop event.
ContentHost An element used to specify where the content should be placed when implementing the DXTabControl.ContentHostTemplate data template.
ContinueRecordDragEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.ContinueRecordDrag event.
DataObjectBase Represents the base for classes containing information about specific data-aware grid elements.
DialogService Provides methods to show a dialog window.
DragDropHintData Contains information about a drag-and-drop hint.
DragEventArgsBase Serves as the base for classes that provide data for the DataViewBase.DragRecordOver and DataViewBase.DropRecord events.
DragRecordOverEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.DragRecordOver event.
DropDownButton Represents a dropdown button control.
DropDownButtonBase Serves as a base for classes that represent dropdown button controls (e.g. DropDownButton, SplitButton).
DropMarkerData Contains information about a drop marker.
DropRecordEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.DropRecord event.
DXDialog A dialog that is visually consistent with other controls that use DevExpress visual themes.
DXDialogWindow A themed dialog window.
DXExpander Represents the DXExpander control.
DXFrameworkContentElement Represents the base class for all DevExpress controls inherited from the FrameworkContentElement class.
DXImageExtension Allows you to use .png/.svg images from the DevExpress.Images.v23.2 assembly as an ImageSource.
DXImageHelper static Provides methods that are used to obtain images from the DevExpress.Images assembly in code-behind.
DXLocalizer<T> Represents the base class for localizer classes used for DevExpress controls.
DXMessageBox A message box that can contain text, buttons, and symbols that inform and instruct the user.
DXMessageBoxService Allows you to display message boxes.
DXSplashScreenService Allows you to display splash screens.
DXTabbedWindow A window that supports integration with a DXTabControl.
DXTabControl Represents the DXTabControl.
DXTabItem Represents a single tab item.
DXWindow A window that supports DX themes.
ExpandCollapseInfoEventArgs Provides data for the DXExpander.GetExpandCollapseInfo event.
FloatingContainer A wrapper that allows displaying popup windows in XBAP mode.
GiveRecordDragFeedbackEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.GiveRecordDragFeedback event.
LightweightSystemTheme A WPF lightweight theme that reads the Windows app mode.
LightweightTheme A WPF lightweight theme.
LightweightThemeAssembly Contains information about a lightweight theme assembly.
LightweightThemeManager static A lightweight theme manager.
ListBoxDragDropBehavior Contains set of properties and events that allow you to control drag-and-drop operations in the ListBoxEdit control.
LoadingDecorator A container control for displaying long-loading content. Once the content is fully loaded, the loading indicator disappears and the content becomes visible.
NotifyIconService Allows you to place a notification icon (system tray icon) in the Windows notification area and manage its behavior.
NotifyIconState Provides the NotifyIconState.Icon property specifying the tray icon’s image.
PixelSnapper Enables pixel snapping.
PredefinedThemePalette A predefined theme palette.
PredefinedThemePalettes static Lists the predefined theme palettes.
RecordDragDropData Contains information about transferred data when an end-user drags and drops records.
ScrollBarExtensions Contains attached properties that allow you to customize the scroll bar’s behavior in WPF controls.
ScrollControl An abstract base class providing scrolling support for all derived class objects.
SimpleButton Serves as a base for classes that represent button controls.
SplashScreenManager Allows you to display splash screens.
SplashScreenManagerService Allows you to display splash screens.
SplashScreenWindow Serves as a base class for splash screens used by the SplashScreenManager.
SplitButton A split button control.
StartRecordDragEventArgs Provides data for the DataViewBase.StartRecordDrag event.
SuperTip Represents a SuperTip, which is capable of displaying multiple tooltip items.
SuperTipHeaderItem Represents a tooltip item designed to be displayed in headers and footers of a SuperTip object.
SuperTipItem Represents a regular tooltip item for a SuperTip object.
SuperTipItemBase Represents the base class for tooltip items supported by SuperTip objects.
SuperTipItemSeparator Represents a separator between tooltip items within a SuperTip object.
SvgImageHelper A helper that allows you to create SVG Images.
SvgImageSourceExtension Allows you to use SVG images as ImageSource values.
TabbedWindowDocumentUIService Allows you to show documents in tab items.
TabControlCommonCancelEventArgsBase Serves as the base for classes that provide data for DXTabControl events.
TabControlMultiLineView Represents a multiline view.
TabControlNewTabbedWindowEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.NewTabbedWindow event.
TabControlScrollView Represents the scroll view.
TabControlSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.SelectionChanged event.
TabControlSelectionChangingEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.SelectionChanging event.
TabControlStretchView Represents a stretch view.
TabControlTabAddedEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabAdded event.
TabControlTabAddingEventArgs Provides data for the cancelable DXTabControl.TabAdding event.
TabControlTabHiddenEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabHidden event.
TabControlTabHidingEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabHiding event.
TabControlTabRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabRemoved event.
TabControlTabRemovingEventArgs Provides data for the cancelable DXTabControl.TabRemoving event.
TabControlTabShowingEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabShowing event.
TabControlTabShownEventArgs Provides data for the DXTabControl.TabShown property.
TabControlTabStartDraggingEventArgs Provides information for the DXTabControl.TabStartDragging event.
TabControlViewBase Serves as a base class for the DXTabControl‘s views.
Theme A WPF theme.
ThemedMessageBox static A message box that supports DevExpress themes and implements additional functionality not available in the standard control.
ThemedMessageBoxParameters Contains properties that allow you to customize the ThemedMessageBox.
ThemedWindow A window that supports DevExpress WPF themes and Ribbon/Tab control integration.
ThemedWindowDialogButton Represents a Dialog Button for the ThemedWindow.
ThemedWindowHeaderItemsControl Represents the HeaderItemsControl.
ThemedWindowHeaderItemsControlBase Base class for the ThemedWindowHeaderItemsControl and ThemedWindowToolbarItemsControl.
ThemedWindowToolbarItemsControl Represents the ToolbarItemsControl.
ThemeManager Represents a theme manager, allowing you to apply themes.
ThemePalette A WPF Theme palette.
ThemePaletteBase Serves as a base for the theme palette class.
UniformStackPanel A stack panel where items (with the HorizontalAlignment set to Stretch) have the same width, matching the width of the item with the largest content.
Win10Palette A palette that can get the Windows accent color and app mode, and update the theme each time a user changes these Windows settings.
WindowChromeHelper Contains static methods and properties that help you customize the appearance of a window.
WindowedDocumentUIService Allows you to show documents in separate windows.
WindowRestoreLayoutOptions static Contains properties that the ThemedWindow uses when you deserialize its layout.
WorkspaceManager Manages layouts of all DevExpress controls in the application as one global workspace. Workspaces can be saved and restored to (from) a local storage or stream.
WpfSvgPalette A palette for the SVG image.


Name Description
IColumnChooser When implemented, represents a Column Chooser.
IColumnChooserFactory Creates the Column Chooser.
INotifyIconService Provides methods to place a notification icon (system tray icon) in the Windows notification area and manage its behavior.
IWorkspace When implemented, represents a workspace.
IWorkspaceManager When implemented, represents a WorkspaceManager instance.


Name Description
CancelRoutedEventHandler A method that will handle the FloatingContainer.Hiding event.
ExpandCollapseInfoEventHandler References a method that will handle the DXExpander.GetExpandCollapseInfo event.
TabControlNewTabbedWindowEventHandler A method that will handle the DXTabControl.NewTabbedWindow event.
TabControlSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.SelectionChanged event.
TabControlSelectionChangingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.SelectionChanging event.
TabControlTabAddedEventHandler A method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabAdded event.
TabControlTabAddingEventHandler A method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabAdding event.
TabControlTabHiddenEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabHidden event.
TabControlTabHidingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabHiding event.
TabControlTabRemovedEventHandler A method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabRemoved event.
TabControlTabRemovingEventHandler A method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabRemoving event.
TabControlTabShowingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabShowing event.
TabControlTabShownEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DXTabControl.TabShown event.


Name Description
BadgeKind Lists the badge’s predefined colors.
BadgeShape Lists the Badge‘s shapes.
BestFitMode Lists the values used to specify the way the column width should be calculated.
BorderEffect Contains values that specify the border highlighting effect for a DXWindow.
ButtonShowMode Obsolete. Lists values that specify the visibility mode of the DXTabControl‘s scroll buttons.
ControlBoxButtons Lists the ThemedWindow‘s control box buttons.
DropPlace Lists the values used to specify how the column header will be placed after it has been dragged and dropped.
DropPosition Lists values that specify a record’s position after the drop operation.
EditorShowMode Lists the values used to specify how the in-place editor should be invoked when a cell is clicked.
FloatingMode Enumerates the floating modes of a message box window.
HeaderLocation Lists values that specify the location of the Header Panel, relative to the tab item.
HeaderOrientation Lists values that specify the orientation of headers in the TabControl‘s Header Panel.
HideButtonShowMode Lists values that specify where to show the Hide button.
HorizontalExpandMode Lists values that specify the DXExpander‘s horizontal animation style.
InputBlockMode Lists values that specify whether and how to block the user input while the splash screen is shown.
NewButtonShowMode Lists values that specify where to show the New button.
ScrollBarMode Lists values that specify the appearance and behavior of the scroll bar.
ScrollBars Provides members that specify if scroll bars should be displayed.
ScrollButtonShowMode Lists values that specify when to show the scroll buttons.
SingleTabItemHideMode Lists values that specify the single tab item hide mode.
SplashScreenLocation Lists the splash screen’s positions.
SplashScreenLock Lists the LoadingDecorator‘s owner lock modes.
SplashScreenOwnerSearchMode Enumerates values used to set the search mode of the splash screen owner.
TabbedWindowMode Lists values that specify the tabbed window mode.
TabContentCacheMode Enumerates values that specify the tabs cache mode of the DXTabControl and DockLayoutManager.LayoutGroup.
TabControlDragDropMode Lists values that specify Stretch View‘s drag drop mode.
TransitionEffect Lists values that specify the shader effect for the animation played when switching workspaces.
VerticalExpandMode Lists values that specify the DXExpander‘s vertical animation style.
WindowKind Lists the ThemedWindow‘s operation modes.
WindowsAppMode Lists the Windows app modes.
WindowTitleAlignment Lists the title alignment positions.